Comment on endoftheworld cults

deprofundis Wed, Jan 2, 2008
i am curious to know where everyone's thought-sources are coming from regarding this topic: who are your inspired [or lack thereof] minds for formulating your 2012 ideation, if any?

for me it's been Terrence Mckenna, Daniel Pinchbeck, Ray Kurzweil and Richard Tarnas. while the first two have written explicitly on the topic, the latter, at least to my knowledge, have not, yet their ideas have still very much influenced how i think about 2012.

in brief summation, i'm of the notion that 2012 is still in the creative process of being made and humans are approaching [or possibly have passed] a tipping point in the evolution of their consciousness that will [is] require [ing] them to redefine their social, planetary and cosmological identity in interest of self/planetary-preservation. the product of such a transformation will be, among others surely, a stabilization of the scientific/spiritual paradox among a majority of the earth's population and the creation of a novel myth that drives our intelligence, imagination and existence into [future] manifestation.

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