Comment on endoftheworld cults

andrewohlmann Sat, May 26, 2007
could you say anything more about this "tribe"? I love crazy stuff like this.

...I'm having a tough time believing that anyone is taking this 2012 stuff seriously. People will be people, I guess! If people want to believe that some seriously crazy shit will happen just because the calendar from some long dead culture said so, there's no stopping them. The mayans' calendar ends on dec 21, 2012, and because of this, "Notable Religious scholars" think that a major shift in global consciousness will happen, while others think that the world will end because of... something (usually religious in nature, like armageddon or the rapture or the second coming of alien jesus).

I'd like to think that anyone who prides themselves as a rational thinker won't fall for this stuff—it's complete bunk, for new-agers, desperate christians, cultists, and too-far-gone potheads (or some combination of the four) only.

As for the rate that people become aware of sudden technological breakthroughs, we can only guess. Scientific knowledge, even of the most basic, fundamental sort, still hasn't made its way around to every corner of the world. In places where modern technology barely even exists, from third-world countries worldwide to third-world counties in the U.S., a startling ground-breaking advance would hardly even make a ripple, even if it shocks the rest of the world into a standstill.