Comment on endoftheworld cults

ellysau Sun, May 27, 2007
interesting...especially because you both talk about the role of shared consciousness in this. like andrew said, there's definitely some anthropological mapping to consciousness, so something like a global shift is going to vary as an experience between cultures. i swear sometimes i think we haven't even touched on how distant our paradigms for reality are from each other...or how close they are, in other ways.
and like you said megan, are we even going to realize, do we even realize when it's happening? change is a weird thing, it requires action to take place, but seems incomplete unless accompanied by recognition, some shift in feeling and perspective. our idea of change definitely says a lot about what's important to us- we want to feel moved by something, we want some kind of reward for experiencing life. like, in exchange for rapid technological advancement, we get a global sense of progress and the feeling that we're settling into a newly secure way of life. which has a 50/50 chance of being the case or not being the case.
and now, i cant help but mention political power ballad "the wind of change" by german group the scorpions, who were also responsible for the seminal piece "rock you like a hurricane." im sure youve heard it on a shit radio station at some point or another, but the words are suprisingly insightful: