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    How to stay in touch with our biological origins in a world devoid of nature? The majestic nature that once inspired poets, painters and...

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    Brand Pitch Ideas
    Project: The Voyager update project
    -how do we get out of this self-referencial loop?
    -how do we get beyond the limitations of human frame of reference?
    ——-make contact with the aliens

    -most important thing:
    ——-narrative, emotional weight, sense of humor

    everyone can send their very own downloaded brain to space ( la Ann Druyen)
    history — ann druyen sent up a two minute audio track aboard voyager with all her vital signs

    -explore the idea of digital immortality
    -RESEARCH OPPORTUNITY — explore the research going on on south campus with brain mapping and fMRIs, etc

    [ areas of the brain involved in laughter ]

    -how would alien race receive this information?
    -would it be meaningful?
    -more of an opportunity for humans, send emotions into space, beyond words or images
    -people have begun thinking about this [ looking for the reference, check back later ]

    advertise the species

    -A NEW STORY OF HUMANITY [ involve people on space collective who are already in on this, a new coalition of story tellers to replace NASA ]
    ——-check thisand this

    ——-the species needs a new vision of itself, it is for humans
    ——-humanity is at a significant stage in its evolution we feel aliens might like to learn about our evolution and we want to let them know, earth is a very fertile place right now
    but there are several threats to the possibilities, if we can get beyond problems like global warming, etc, etc, if you have any suggestions and would like to contribute or cross breed get back to us
    —————-looking for another species that may be an interesting evolutionary compliment
    already working towards this with genetic engineering, cross-breeding, etc

    -we have a nice variety of humans on earth
    -we are playful
    -we are willing to learn
    -join the party!

    -false advertising?
    - sell humanity as a soap opera?
    ——-are we stuck in an evolutionary rut?
    ——-will we get out of it?
    ——-stay tuned.
    -several humans or group wanting to be abducted?

    -a planet branching off into different species
    ——-while biodiversity is dwindling, machinic diversity is expanding...
    -packaged in a digital signal

    expanding our intergalatic database

    -there've been countless revolutions in human thought that taught us to reconsider our place in the universe, each time we learn a bit more about our place in the scheme of things
    it would be to our evolutionary advantage to know that there are other beings out there who we might be capable of learning from. The solution: THE INTERGALACTIC INTERNET!
    ——-While the Earth's Internet is basically a "network of connected networks", the Interplanetary Internet may therefore be thought of as a "network of disconnected Internets". Inter-working in this environment will require new techniques to be developed. [based on message forwarding rather than packet switching]
    -send instructions about how to build the internet so they can send information
    -we want to keep learning
    -send up a server
    -want to establish a two way communication
    ———we need to let them know how to communicate back to us, what sorts of signals we understand

    -intergalactic social networks

    shoot off an asteroid with fossilized life

    finding earth link planets

    we need help evolving
    -here are our problems
    -here's what we could be
    -if you've experienced a similar evolutionary error and can give us some pointers, let us know

    cell phone to god
    -this device would allow any person to send their thoughts into outter space
    -the best way of understanding us is to read our minds
    -can also function on earth to communicate with other people beyond words

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    Sent to project: The Voyager update project
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    Samski     Thu, Apr 24, 2008  Permanent link
    I like the idea, although i would say we need to start to put into use what we can learn from ourselves as a planet before we start to rely on learning from 'aliens'. As we are now i feel we need to find a way to comunicate better as a species before looking to comunicate with other species to help us along.

    Yet once we are able , as a planet, or solar system, to work together, the idea of a new form of communication, alowing us to send our minds, or collective minds (the internet) to other species is extremely intresting.

    Although there are a couple of points i think ypu shoud look into, firstly whos to say that it will not be our information helping other civilisations to evolve, through sending information, with the chance that another species will pick it up, it is just as likely that our information will bemifit them, as we would benifit from them reciving it. Also how would this information be sent, it would need to be sent alongside some sort of recognisable patturn or code so as that any species that were able to pick it up, were then able to use this patturn or sequance to realise what the information they are reciving is. This is then still assuming that if another species picked up this information, they were able to rationalise patturns and seaquancses in the same way as us. As there perseption of existance could be something unable to comunicate or even understand our way of 'existing'

    Im new to the space collective, so this may not be what you want. But i thought i should put my opinion down, although noone else seems to...