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    Thu, Mar 20, 2008  Permanent link

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    arjuna     Thu, Mar 20, 2008  Permanent link
    This one is calling me to share. Trying to trance-end my limits and constantly re-evaluating what I think i know ...
    I'm scared of sharing my experiences sometimes, but I think it's important to share consciously, since we are sharing all the time, whether we know it or not. Sharing consciously gives us(and what ever we are sharing) more options. ... Presently, I am almost so on fire with thought I am nearly unable to share, yet I feel called to.
    I don't agree about all experience happening between the ears(also, to think about how many of us experience our self as behind the eyes) - as the body is, like our hands are, extensions of the brain and central nervous system etc. BodyMind. Sensations happen at all the sense doors. Whether 'we' experience them or not, sensations exist throughout the body, are experienced in every part. The goal is developing the ability, the awareness, to experience them in the 'we' part of the brain ...
    Here's my bla bla bla:
    It is(was) 1988 maybe 89 a creative reflection of a distant memory:
    I am spralled on the floor at the edge of my buddy and his girlfriends bed we are stoned on either Mescaline or MDA and huffing N2O out of whippets(yes, I used to experiment with drugs, sorry). I am (literally)floored in some sort of drug-induced visionary experience about communication, and vehicles to transport, lift off the ends of my finger tips, trance-end etc. Information and energy - evolution and movement, measurement, whatever ... I look up out of the blurry boundaries of the vision and to try bring the new found knowledge to the physical dimension before it evaporates. I am looking at my hand, out reaching toward them, and they're looking down at me receptive. "hey! ...uuhh... ... Digital!!!" I say. They laugh... I grin and sink back into my pool of cosmic realizations. This 'trip' I took has been with me ever since and I am only just beginning to sort it out. There is more to what I speak of here. This site is challenging me to take action ... at moments I wonder if I can keep up with constant evolution that I see. seeing your post urges me to begin sharing even though i haven't completed my thesis on this yet. Will I ever? ... It being on going process. I'll be watching this more and re-evaluating my understanding of this and my response to it. I'm sure I have more to say, but I need to go at an easy pace. Thanks for the inspiration.
    And if you are into developing sensory awareness and experiential knowledge - I cheer you on(I'd like to cheer you all on) to try this most amazing 10 day course on Insight Meditation. It is by Dana -free(you can donate after if you like). It isn't a cult and it doesn't indoctrinate even if it does teach in part what the Buddha believed. The important thing it teaches is what exactly the Buddha did to awaken multi-dimensional awareness. Get the real teaching and not the watered down version here:
    you will meet many cool intelligent people and it will be one of the best gifts you give yourself.
    Samski     Thu, Apr 24, 2008  Permanent link
    i like how i first saw this on youtube, with no idea of the work surrounding it. Also the fact that you used the wii, rather than a computer device, im guessing (As i havent read all thugh the work) this is down to the fact that the wii is already showing next gen gameing, and this is just stepping it up a notch. Although this whole consept is extremely scary, the whole idea of the brain and the fact that it defines self and existance gives us a sense of mortality. For the consept of thoughts to be mapped in such a comertial sense therfor (however soon such technology is availible) will mark an extreme breakthrough in our evalution. For popular culture to admit mortality, or to accept the idea of what we are as a communication of electrical prosess in the brain will create an extremely intresting culture. Although it is hard to imagine this ever happening.

    also i think space collective needs a spell checker....