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    Polytopia, how does it operate?
    Project: Polytopia
    I've been thinking a lot about this polytopia without offering any of the thoughts, so here, for whatever they're worth, are some of them.

    Mind work in the old world:

    Scenario One:
    Each mind walks into a room on two legs, they chose a seat and take out a pad and a pencil. Everytime someone offers an idea it's written down on a white board, meanwhile everyone takes copious notes to themselves. As has been effectively demonstrated in 2+2=5, some people are intimidated by the social implications of a bad or "wrong" ideas, and keep their ideas in their skulls, disconnected from the larger brain pool.

    Polytopian mind work:

    Scenario Two:
    People log in to Polytopia. Everything they say is captured and shows up in a shared data space where an connections are made between all things that have been and will be said. The sum total of their mental work is enhanced by an algorithm that brings together relevant information. The hot spots of thought activity will be evident and visualized in 3D space.

    Scenario Three:
    You're walking down the road while simultaneously logged into Polytopia and your "second self" pulls all available information about everything in the space into a pool and starts searching for related kernels of thought or opportunities that may lay in wait in other people's minds. The guy in the striped shirt happens to be struggling with the same thing as you, how will we continue to build this Polytopia? You invite him into a mind transmission whereby all immediate thoughts are pooled linked and visualized.

    Scenario Four:
    You're looking for love. Wait, what kind of love do we look for in the future anyway? What does non-physical love look like? Will we live in a non-monogomous state of constant mind sex? wohoo!

    So how does Polytopia enhance our experience of the world?

    It potentially bypasses the biological interferances still in operation from a different evolutionary era.

    And in so doing, elevates the sharing of intelligence.
    It gives the mind space priority, even in physical space.
    Or perhaps it just serves to more effectively bring what you are looking for into plain view, like amazon recommendations for every aspect of life.

    Mon, Sep 15, 2008  Permanent link

    Sent to project: Polytopia
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    folkert     Tue, Sep 16, 2008  Permanent link
    The hot spots of thought activity will be evident and visualized in 3D space.
    Where do we sign up?

    Synapsed to the human corpus for status quo reminder purposes.
    notthisbody     Tue, Sep 16, 2008  Permanent link
    meganman: i think this hits the nail on the head in terms of how the Polytopia can operate. I agree as well about the importance of the human corpus.

    One idea that comes to me, regarding this:

    Everything they say is captured and shows up in a shared data space where an connections are made between all things that have been and will be said. The sum total of their mental work is enhanced by an algorithm that brings together relevant information. The hot spots of thought activity will be evident and visualized in 3D space.

    I think we should really look into physical and biological systems to help us with the visualizations of this system. For instance, perhaps these connections, or lets call them synapses, could be coded by wavelengths of light, infrared being a synapse that leads to little activity, and UV light being a synapse that leads to a very active space.

    And then the width of that synapse would work like the truck of a tree, signifying the amount of branches that are connected to it. On thinking about this more, this is less like branches and more like roots...or...rhizomes?

    Rhizome theory is also gaining currency in the educational field, as a means of framing knowledge creation and validation in the online era. In 'Innovate - Journal of Online Education, Vol. 4, Issue 5', Dave Cormier criticizes the limitations of the expert-centered pedagogical planning and publishing cycle and posits instead a rhizomatic model of learning. In this rhizomatic model, knowledge is negotiated, and the learning experience is a social as well as a personal knowledge creation process with mutable goals and constantly negotiated premises. The rhizome metaphor, which represents a critical leap in coping with the loss of a canon against which to compare, judge, and value knowledge, may be particularly apt as a model for disciplines on the bleeding edge where the canon is fluid and knowledge is a moving target.
    - Wikipedia

    Wildcat     Tue, Sep 16, 2008  Permanent link
    Meganmay: " It gives the mind space priority, even in physical space."

    well, even in physical space, mind has priority, mind is all there is, though at times we refer to it as an emergent phenomenon and desire to give priority "within mind space" to meat/flesh so-called instincts (coded reflexive information), operations and so on.
    the reference folkert gave to your post on human corpus is beautiful and well (the post i mean) and i am all for understanding mind as arising from matter. having said that, we need move on, keeping the idea of a physical entity as primal, is true but belongs to our past mode of thinking, our connectivity is information sensitive, and the fact that we at present inhabit a wetware complex system, in no way indicates this to be the foundation or indeed the necessary case for intelligence and emotional life. we may be proved wrong somewhere in the coming future, but i do not think so.
    intelligence in its most humane aspect (empathy and so on) is to my eyes context independent.
    being context independent, the coded information (granted that there's lots of work to do there) of our minds allows us to extend our bioperson into the net/grid, as in fact you are doing in this post and as am I when responding, and as are all the listeners when reading.

    That very information sensitive situation is what allows us to communicate (both inside ourselves and out with other minds) upon the net.
    How to create/allow this connectivity/communication, to become hyperconnectivity and thus give rise to an evolutionary kind of intelligence that develops a new kind of instinct is indeed the task we set ourselves when we became polytopians.

    having said all the above, I love the way you tackle the idea, please keep them coming, as interactivity is embodied fertility.

    Counterform     Thu, Sep 18, 2008  Permanent link
    First off Megan, excellent job of conveying these modalities of connectivity. Very enjoyable read.

    Well, I'm not in the meat camp here. Indeed meat is beautiful.... but rather a beautiful illusion. As all materialism is. I am of the quantum Mind, that Mind is primary. So to me it seems ironic in a way, how we are now struggling & digging deep to figure out how the hell do we get out of the closed confines of our craniums! To broadcast & connect via the vast openness & flow of the aetheric field. I do feel from my experiences, and intuitively in my heart, that this ability is deep within us already, albeit rather dormant. Though as one awakens and remembers to this fact, more synchronistic and telepathic abilities can arise and take shape. This to me, is the hyper-connected Polytopia I foresee in the very near future, and is happening already.

    And last, but not least.... where can I sign up for 'a non-monogomous state of constant mind sex'?!! Let's get it on!

    gleb     Fri, Nov 28, 2008  Permanent link
    Haha, I am totally Scenario One!