Comment on A Mutant Manifesto

folkert Sat, Jan 3, 2009
"each being that concerns itself with moving outside the incidental boundaries of convention can be called an artist"

Excellent. And I didn't know Mitochondria were that cool.

Remembered a short text from Leary about rebellious life forms that fits nicely:

"Calcium ingestion by young amoeba who rejected the unicellular state and developed into mobile-boney forms
Oxygen sniffing by larval fish who moved to the amphibian state
Mao ingestion by young amphibians who became fast-moving animals
Tree climbing by young lemurs who were rejecting the four-footed mammalian state
Weight rejection by juvenile dinosaurs who moved into the high-flying avian life."

Found on page 153 in the book embedded below:
(never mind the strange cover)