Comment on A Mutant Manifesto

rene Sun, Jan 11, 2009
Amongst the organisms that co-exist in each petri-dish we find the artist- philosopher-scientist (feel free to suggest coinage)

I've been thinking about this and came to the conclusion that the kind of futurism we pursue on SC comes close to your hyphenated definition. Therefor the term Futurist pretty much fits the practitioners who have historically adopted that name. These days it seems that there are many more of us to whom the above job description applies, which is a big improvement over the days of Timothy Leary who, no matter how much he proclaimed himself a futurist, was never able to live down his reputation as a drug guru. But then again, Brian Eno will always be perceived as a musician, William Gibson as a scifi writer and Vernor Vinge as an academic, no matter that their futurism is a direct result of their multi-faceted sensibilities.