Comment on A Mutant Manifesto

braille Fri, Feb 27, 2009
"entirely different cultures" as in species as in non-mateable with the mother culture?
I find the whole concept of the socious or whatever you call it as an organism to be really interesting due to the genetic metaphors. Does it make sense to treat societal norms, memes etc. as part of some semi-unified genome? I mean, it's obviously complete with a lot of incomprehensible junk, and for some reason the transcription apparatus seems to come over and latch onto something every once in a while out of nowhere as it were, and something old becomes The Thing for a second, and might even get commoditized/translated in the form of proteins. I think we're perfectly free to mess about and create slightly different transcripts or conformations of "real things" to our heart's content, but as to whether this creates anything Entirely New, I don't feel as sure.
Also, the Art as fundamentally something new and unexpected and rupturing and all that business reminds me of what people say about The Virtual when they're French. Or Anglo but seriously frenchy. Mckenzie Wark has this great book/html piece called A Hacker Manifesto that tries to distill a coherent identity out of this Virtualizing, Fucking Shit Up To Make It Work Better, Always-Out-Of-Bounds ness... And it all sounds delicious, but what happens when those little virtualities and pushed places get turned into the Next Big Thing and sold? Even the bittorrent guy is working for the content industry... Of course those are intellectual products with a very specific computer bent, and not at all emblematic of the new social formy systems we need, but it seems like Art in the Museum or Gallery doesn't have quite enough Resonance to really get a feedback loop of novel systemic activity going, and you have to hijack a preexisting one to get any kind of large scale mutant-effecty things. (see improv everywhere??)
nice writings.

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