Comment on A Mutant Manifesto

meganmay Thu, Apr 23, 2009
Braille - - - - - - - first, I love improv everywhere. second, I've been thinking more about what you call society as a transcription apparatus and have been trying to determine how the economic activities that seem to devour any form of dissent function to feed the larger scheme of human activity. For now I just wanted to post a ridiculously relevant quote from the Marshall McLuhan video that Wildcat posted a while back:

"the contemporary artist is always seeking new patterns, new pattern recognition which is his task for heavens sake. The great need, the absolute indispensability of the artists is that he alone in his encounter with the present can give the pattern recognition, he alone has the sensory awareness necessary to tell us what our world it made of. He's more important than the scientist. The scientists are going to wake up to this shortly and be resorting en masse to the artists studio"

In this sense artistic activities are exercises in pattern recognition that generate perspectives on the the previously unrecognizable present.

A great example of "mutanty-effects thingys" resulting from artistic activities are the students riots in Paris which were inspired by the Situationist International, whose own interventions took the form of writing and fairly obscure wanderings through the city dubbed Derives. We could say that perhaps the Situationists were the genotype, and the riots the phenotype?

Also, I agree with what you say about Art in museum, a void in space entirely without context that seems kind of like a good idea but is usually just used as wall space, and I think the internet helps to take the A out of art, particularly in its rejection of monetary reward ie escape from the connotation of art as relating to art market.