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    The Divisible Individual
    Individualism is a subject the fascinates me and the comparison between societies based on individual versus collective models, IE capitalism vs communism has been a lingering yet underexplored interest for a while. Some of favorite Space Collective posts have been those that suggest a loss of individual identity resulting from the collective effort towards a world-wide intelligence, or consciousness if you prefer. On the other hand, I'm reading an incredible essay by Peter Sloterdijk called Cell block, Egospheres, Self-container about the studio apartment as a transition away from the traditional domestic family home model to that of technologically modified self-reflection module, where the human being becomes an "auto-completing" organism.

    Sloterdijk writes:

    In order for the realization of self-pairing to take place, the media that can be identified as ego-technologies are a pre-requisite. It is these contamporary media that sustain self-fulfillment and allow for their users to constantly return to themselves and eo ipso to the pair formation with themselves and their "surprise" inner partners. (97)


    This corresponds to a condition anticipated by Elias Canetti of "a society in which every person is depicted, and prays before his own image" But here the individuals, with the help of numerous media, make images of themselves with more than one meaning. (99)

    There's an interesting connection here between the person as singular without need for a partner and as a multitude of characters just waiting to get aquatinted...with themselves. Under closer inspection though, this may not be in opposition to the collective loss of individuality, in fact, perhaps it is through the extensive realization of the self as multiples (which Sloteridjk suggests will take place through continuous mediated self-reflection and adustment) that the individuals gets broken open and more effectively joined with the collective.

    Now I'm going to turn thoughts into actions as i Prepare for this:


    I've realized the only way I can post on SC is if i sit down to finish in a limited time, i hope for more refined articulation of these thoughts to come later.

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