Comment on My Life as a Severed Head

Manuel Dahm Mon, Feb 1, 2010
Hey there,

I very much appreciated your words, thank you.

It reminded me very much of a year in university when we media design students made a project together with the university of dance in Frankfurt.

The geeks and the body gods. It was so odd to feel this incredible different energy from the 2 groups. Luckily we had a great and experienced teacher who had structured the class very well. We had dance workshops with them! The geeks had to dance as well, all of them. No pressure needed, it was pure curiosity. And after a couple of hours, we were a mass of entangled bodies, communicating without words, using the primal language that we all speak, but during the course of our lives learn to forget.
We have to unforget.

The class was a blast and I believe everyone was really happy with the process and results. I still like a little offspring I did back in the day with a dancer, reverse engineering dance to sound:

Anyway, it has gotten to me as well in the last years, after 10 years of interactive work, computer work, word work that my body has been maltreated in all of this.

I used to love sports, skateboarding, hockey, basketball, soccer, judo, windsurfing, snowboarding, you name it...but I had forgotten about my body, started to smoke from all the stress and gotten some nice luxurious fat around my belly. But it came back to me by starting wave surfing some years ago, unknown body sensations. Then I started yoga. Then I stopped smoking and eating meat. And so many things happened from there. I believe that our body sometimes can tell us more about our soul, heart and mind then our mind itself. If you listen closely, there is some real wisdom in your body, and it can connect you with things you wouldnt find easily otherwise.

And when you wake up to the real possibilities it offers, you can start to really talk with it.
Its a precious asset, your mind and soul and heart reside in it. Yet our science and cyber age completely forgets about this. Its all rational these days. Maybe that's why so many things are going in a strange direction, faster and faster, with this world.

A mind without an awake and healthy body cannot be connected with others truly and not with the earth we live in and the creatures that live with us.