Comment on My Life as a Severed Head

Olena Thu, Feb 17, 2011
Megan, this is directed to your new post, Our Primordial Future, but you've disabled comments?

Anyway, I enjoyed that, and it made me think of a particular conversation in a book I'm currently reading — especially the last bit when you ask if "it" will look more like us, or we like it? You might be interested. The book is Science is Culture, and the conversation is between Jill Tarter & Will Wright; Wright mentions our genetic similarity to a fruit fly, "We share so much with a fruit fly it's ridiculous" and they compare it to our relationship with our future "purely designed entities": "So they'll recognize us as their progenitors, but we won't recognize them as our descendants", like the way fruit flies don't recognize us.

I think I'm going to transcribe a few talks or excerpts from these talks onto the OS when I'm done reading. There's some really great stuff being said.