Comment on What comes after the Internet?

collective matt Mon, Mar 8, 2010
Is it possible that we will now begin to create more than one Internet? Internet2 is already off and running, where is internet3 and 4? Can I create my own personal internet? Maybe this one will be invite only (to ensure quality content, just like space collective.)

I think an important part in this next step is realizing what the internet is, in that it really isn't anything at all. It's just an extension of our universe which we can use to exchange information. I see the lines between reality and virtual beginning to cross, and soon we won't be able to separate them. I'd like to see the final result of this something like "The Gentle Seduction" one of my favorite posts here on SC. Maybe someday we will create new internets/universes too.

In a sea of infinite possibility there is bound to be some crap floating around, but it's important to not get caught up in that, and realize that 'evil' is a necessary part of freedom. The old media would love to make the internet look like the bad guy, the distraction, the immature, time waster, etc. In reality I feel that the internet is much more educational than TV will ever be, as it allows everyone to both gather unbiased information and share with others.
I do feel that there may be some impending tumult involving the internet and politics, but hopefully by then we've already got all the problems figured out.

As for illuminati/conspiracy theory, it really all comes down to greed. Most at the top are completely oblivious to the destruction they bring, and the system practically encourages this. You don't even have to call it a conspiracy if you just call it what it is: greed.