Comment on What comes after the Internet?

MonseigneurBienvenu Mon, Mar 8, 2010
I'm sure someone somewhere has an idea of what comes after the internet, as technology constantly progresses, if in secrecy or simply obscured from view of others, and theories continue to grow, turn back on themselves and grow some more. I think I quite like the idea of 'different internets', but I'm not sure that's a progression or something that is post rather ante, or prior to one internet. Whatever it all means, really.

Internet may become more constrained through the efforts of regulators and lawyers, who can do 'the online' as part of their graduate or post graduate course, but that is if regulation is necessarily in the best interests of those who can make it happen through time - I have very large doubts about that, and I'm sure 'they' realise it too.

To me, personally, internet has never seemed a frontier. It creeps and swallows, but only really adds efficiency with other 'frontiers' being actually positioned in more humble reality. Those are the frontiers one reaches by going through life and growing, making interpersonal networks, doing specialized learning, etc - simple sitting behind a computer screen will not allow you to reach them (even though it may someday). For now the internet is subservient - even if it is a frontier, we are far away from breaching it.