Comment on What comes after the Internet?

meganmay Tue, Apr 27, 2010
That's so funny because I was JUST about the re-visit this thread Mrs. Olena. I don't think the internet is going to become like TV, just that it'll be a super practical educational tool, as it already is, hopefully without being terribly corrupted by non-neutral players. Just on the lookout for the wild ideas that are on the cusp of being realized. I haven't checked out the Netsukuku idea yet, but I just came across an extension of the internet3, 4, 5 idea that Collective Matt mentioned:

Indeed, Canton predicted a future in which the Internet is embedded just about everywhere: in every imaginable kind of object–from TVs to phones to walls–and that every product and device–even people–will have an IP address

The idea, is a worldwide system of intuitive networks that pay attention to us, know our likes and desires, and proactively feed us the information we need to act on such preferences....That means, he said, that each of us will have our own “personal Internet layer…that lives in your own personal Internet cloud [and] deciphers what’s next” for us. But it’s not so far off, he suggested. In fact, he said, as much as 30 percent of the technology necessary for such concepts to be part of our everyday lives has already been built.

At Singularity University, students are getting high-level, intense lectures on fields of study such as nanotechnology, biotech, AI, robotics, bioinformatics, and the like–all of which fall under the rubric of exponentially growing technology. And the Internet of the future is essentially a mashup of these technologies, Canton said.

Via CNET reporting on the Singularity University

These ideas are pretty derivative of theories introduced way back in the Sci-Fi Era, and a lot of them are being discussed here on SC today, but it's interesting that this comes out of the Singularity University, which is populated with people actually out to ENGINEER these things...!!!

Also, I'm just really excited about the idea that we won't be forever trapped behind a rectangular computer interface that's hardly changed since the day it was invented.

Wildcat, you should lecture at Singularity University! Let them know what effect all this will have on our HUMANITY