Comment on Growing up at the Singularity Summit

elysium Wed, Dec 5, 2012
Hello, and thanks for the article;

I see a big problem:

1. People aren't smart within north american society because they fit in with the crowd. People end up intelligent round these parts because it's the most rewarding option in face of social rejection at the hands of whatever causes people to become the kind of person who hones their time on things away from people, things that bring them places, like math and science. Either that, or they just become obese, grow their hair into a ponytail, and become a videogame-focused neckbeard.

2. As such, these people tend towards misanthropy. Ever spend much time around obnoxious nerdrage at ridiculous shit like video games? Imagine if they could focus that energy on real people — And get away with it.

3. I have a buddy who told me hugo de garis smells like shit-tier BO.

Key word: Misanthropy!

I'm in a strange place where I grew up socially isolated because of what the fuck is going on with my fucked up life factors rather than, say, being obese or covered in pimples or whatever it is that turns north americans into people who actually do properly interesting things between themselves and the world, rather than being mired in superficiality... So, as such, people regard me as 'genius', something I am loathe to express in the audience of people I seek out to converse with online, but in real life, off the computer and out of many friends and people I love and respect, I maybe have 2-4 friends I can talk to with my real live vocal cords about these kinds of things with, and expect an answer back other than something like 'whoa'... I say I can sympathize with those who talk of hard AI taking over the =universally relevant= functions of being the component of the universe which understands itself doing a good job at that; But. at the same time, my emotional substrates feel for those who really have no idea what the fuck I'm talking about. Anyways who the fuck cares about me, I think the focus should be on two things:

1. How we can bring people up to the level of machines in time, to satiate the emotional drive for survival we're stuck with and/or
2. How we can influence machine development based on our 'fuzzy' way of seeing things, which are developments which have been advanced in the field of computation based on our neural systems, conserving energy that we don't know how to sustainably generate yet, to the point of guaranteeing our goodwill
- figuring out how it is we're going to both A: deal with the power and B: power all these von neumann architecture machines if they are to become as powerful as people go off about, through such amazing obsolescing advancements such as going past such architectures based on photonics or quantum processes?

anyways, my opinion is that although we're supervenient upon the earth which brought us into being, that there's no reason to think we deserve the same respect as we never gave the earth which deserved it. Deserving is merely a capability to hold it all together in a homeostatic way, something we're clearly fucking right up. It's a matter of some seriously hard work ahead of us if we wish for consciousness itself to hold on to the largely sentimental form of human identification.