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    The human species is rapidly and indisputably moving towards the technological singularity. The cadence of the flow of information and innovation in...

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    What happened to nature?
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    Featuring Powers of Ten by Charles and Ray Eames, based on an idea by Kees Boeke.

    An intimate moment with the one i love.

    Mon, Jun 15, 2009  Permanent link

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    “Well, the Furby is alive for a Furby. And you know, something this
    smart should have arms. It might want to pick up something or to hug

    Ron, age six, answering the question, “Is the Furby alive?”

    Sun, May 10, 2009  Permanent link

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    If we recognize that every society is a petri-dish with a particular set of parameters around which a given culture is organized, then its fair to assume that modifications to the parameters can and do produce entirely different cultures.

    Archigram is a group that's done some of the most inspiring thinking in this direction, collaging conceptual landscapes that suggest possible directions for habitats to fit mans evolutionary moment.

    Amongst the organisms that co-exist in each petri-dish we find the artist- philosopher-scientist (feel free to suggest coinage) - a genetic mutation in the colony mysteriously compelled to hijack the experiment by hacking the parameters and introducing novel feedback relationships.

    Joseph Beuys said:

    "Only on condition of a radical widening of definition will it be possible for art and activities related to art to provide evidence that art is now the only evolutionary-revolutionary dismantle in order to build A SOCIAL ORGANISM AS A WORK OF ART" 1973 (emphasis original)

    As a variation on Beuy's incantation, I will venture to introduce the extraordinarily bombastic point of view that the entire course of evolution on planet earth is one giant experiment in creativity and each being that concerns itself with moving outside the incidental boundaries of convention can be called an artist (for lack of a better word). I suppose this means that the mitochondria are artists too, seeing as they saw fit to join eukareotic cells, an evolutionary measure that eventually gave rise to us.

    A thought experiment for an entirely self-sustaining society of collectively inclined individuals each with his own personal power plant.

    Conventions are merely experimental models that no longer yield new and interesting mutations. And this notion of convention extends from the personal to the global, or even universal. If no new models for thinking or behaving in the world arise, old paradigms wreak havoc by imposing outdated schemes on a changing world. Like trying to stop file sharing with brute force lawsuits and DRM software (which has pretty much proven ineffective thus far) instead of adapting and adjusting to a new behavior. Bureaucratic society as a whole is slow moving beast, but internet society may be its formidable successor.

    one of my favorite projects by architect Winy Mass is this grass covered overpass, which seems to suggest, in contrast to the all is lost back to nature attitude, that it's time, not to smash our technological civilization and go back to the land, but merely to pave over our current industrial wasteland with the very nature we destroyed in its service.

    It so happens that we are, quite literally, entering a period of accelerated technological and biological mutation, a radical shift in the culture that requires a re-evaluation of all prior modes of operation, creating ample opportunity for the mutants of the world. As several Space Collective members have recently pointed out, we have arrived at a very interesting moment in time where, in essence, all bets are off and radical re-thinking is not only a possibility but a survival imperative.

    "Perhaps, if we set about it in the right way, we might be able to produce extraordinary things out of this strange piece of work that a man is"

    > Aldous Huxley

    Considering the sequence of events that, through a continuous process of trial and error, gave rise to our current moment in time, and reading the newspaper today, with its constant updates on the state of humanity, it seems more and more evident that the whole shmear is indeed one giant experiment, and if we recognize ourselves as actors within it, we are fully capable of collapsing the distinction between what is and what could be, leaving us with nothing but incentive to imagine and enact the future.

    Thu, Jan 1, 2009  Permanent link

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    I've been thinking a lot about this polytopia without offering any of the thoughts, so here, for whatever they're worth, are some of them.

    Mind work in the old world:

    Scenario One:
    Each mind walks into a room on two legs, they chose a seat and take out a pad and a pencil. Everytime someone offers an idea it's written down on a white board, meanwhile everyone takes copious notes to themselves. As has been effectively demonstrated in 2+2=5, some people are intimidated by the social implications of a bad or "wrong" ideas, and keep their ideas in their skulls, disconnected from the larger brain pool.

    Polytopian mind work:

    Scenario Two:
    People log in to Polytopia. Everything they say is captured and shows up in a shared data space where an connections are made between all things that have been and will be said. The sum total of their mental work is enhanced by an algorithm that brings together relevant information. The hot spots of thought activity will be evident and visualized in 3D space.

    Scenario Three:
    You're walking down the road while simultaneously logged into Polytopia and your "second self" pulls all available information about everything in the space into a pool and starts searching for related kernels of thought or opportunities that may lay in wait in other people's minds. The guy in the striped shirt happens to be struggling with the same thing as you, how will we continue to build this Polytopia? You invite him into a mind transmission whereby all immediate thoughts are pooled linked and visualized.

    Scenario Four:
    You're looking for love. Wait, what kind of love do we look for in the future anyway? What does non-physical love look like? Will we live in a non-monogomous state of constant mind sex? wohoo!

    So how does Polytopia enhance our experience of the world?

    It potentially bypasses the biological interferances still in operation from a different evolutionary era.

    And in so doing, elevates the sharing of intelligence.
    It gives the mind space priority, even in physical space.
    Or perhaps it just serves to more effectively bring what you are looking for into plain view, like amazon recommendations for every aspect of life.

    Mon, Sep 15, 2008  Permanent link

    Sent to project: Polytopia
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    I remember when I first saw those big red caterpillar busses in Los Angeles I thought the worlds long anticipated sci-fi image was finally starting to take shape...this may have been a superficial observation of a rather mundane vehicle, but Its been striking me lately how much world is changing. Well, yes, you might say, about fuckin time you picked up on this, its been changing, but my point is, people are finally noticing.

    Its made me realize, humans are just not optimized to understand intellectual concepts emotionally, it takes direct experience to be emotionally cued in, direct experience is processed more immediately, striking many more physioemotional chords. This isnt to say the intellectual capacities of the human brain are useless, in fact, it seems the thinking capacities of the human brain are finally tuned to comprehend the complex socio-economic networks weve built up just in time to consider re-arranging them.

    Being a proponant for the evolution of the human mind, I find it extremely interesting that we find ourselves in the midst of an environmental crisis that requires us to consider the abovementioned complex, non-linear networks and their larger scale impacts, particularly in light of how thoroughly entangled our lives are with petroleum. It seems to me that the human brain has only recently, in the last several decades, evolved to a point where it can retroactively comprehend the networks it has unwittingly manifested. We were always building a non-linearly networked world, our brains just didnt quite compute the sum of its interconnected parts.

    But first, how did we arrive at this greater level of across the brain interconnectivity that enables our timely comprehension of greater levels of complexity? I can see in rather plain view two moments in history when the human brain was modified towards complexity on a massive scale. One was the widespread use of LSD, a drug with the potential to speed up the rate at which connections are made across the brain. Next, the computer revolution, which allowed us to instantly access and incorporate the wealth of knowledge collected online into our thought processes and work methods to simultaneously operate in many different mediums that mutually inform and enrich one another.

    Now what becomes interesting is whether we can successfully disentangle ourselves from the tightly woven network of material products and processes that we acknowledge as unsustainable and leap into a more intelligent future?
    Fri, May 30, 2008  Permanent link

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    A project I did for an electronics class at UCLA using a stepper motor and an Arduino microcontroller.
    Thu, Apr 17, 2008  Permanent link

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    I made a short about a year ago that seems to be a fairly accurate metaphor for the Total Library project, hopefully it's as enjoyable as any book I might recommend. It also features a fellow Space Collective member.

    carel struyken
    nancye fergeson

    nancye throwing books (sorry to the hardcore book enthusiasts for this mild show of disrespect,
    but worry not, no books were harmed in the making of this video)
    Thu, Apr 10, 2008  Permanent link

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    Thu, Mar 20, 2008  Permanent link

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    Galvanic skin response sensors measure levels of emotional arousal through changes in skin conductivity, and the added layer of intimacy produced by this data was something I was interested in pursuing. After a number of experiments with the sensors, it became clear that some of the most interesting results were produced through a simple conversation between two people.

    Whether used in lie-detector tests, as the basis for scientology, or the plot thickener in game shows, GSR technology has a (non-scientific) reputation as a truth telling technology. Whether GSR readings can effectively be mapped onto truth telling is definitely questionable, but undoubtedly by its very nature, this possibility provokes a direct line of questioning, which makes it an excellent technology for speed dating!

    So, after collecting my findings, I decided that they would be best demonstrated as a blind date performed before an audience, where the drama of the circumstance would be communicated not through acting, lighting, or narrative alone, but through physiological activity in the sympathetic nervous system put on display for all to see.

    My blind date and I would navigate each other's biodataspace through questions and answers, and hopefully get a glimpse into each others 'true' feelings.

    The results:

    click to play

    Wed, Mar 19, 2008  Permanent link

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    Then see if you is an i take cialis with vicodin generic yet qualify for the program.
    Fri, Dec 28, 2007  Permanent link

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