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    From f.Myles
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    From metaevol's personal cargo

    the mirror and the sta(i)r(e)

    the mirror and the stare from metaevol

    i am ailing!
    i am ailing, in distuned repose-
    some c(h)ord of portent
    upends me now
    unbodied unquiet sleep,
    (where art thou?)

    i lurch suddenly,
    midsection constringed,
    toward the precipice
    whence you fell-
    what evil dream
    has come to life,
    as i slumber ill-astride?
    you've gone,
    yet-tied and strung.

    with umbilical taught,
    my body contorted,
    i brace myself-
    and rise.

    heels dug,
    the edge i seek,
    to stare that gaping black,
    consumed you.

    i can neither see acrost
    nor abreast this beast
    that preys in silence
    as we sleep.

    what blood was spilt
    so scorched the earth between us?

    not blood, but bile-
    vain sacrifice to venus?

    saught not the sky-
    no smoke,
    no fire;
    no altered winds,
    no change!
    instead we bound stale, rotting pools
    of stagnant fleshy wounds;
    and seeking thus yet motlen dea(p)ths
    it rent our rock in twain.

    thus boiling,
    cloud comes
    fills the growing space
    the edge of you,
    the edge of me:
    our heart await demise.

    dis c(h)ord alone can save us,
    one must avoid the fall;
    so stand i must,
    to pull you up,
    lest death consume us all...

    a vantage into darkness!
    or...a vantage from within?
    a cord to climb,
    a twine to pull,
    survive this hell again.

    thus water quenches fire,
    and steam, it cleans the air,
    the two of us
    are two of one-
    the mirror
    and the stair.


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