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    [transmitted from the future]
    "Everyone experiences the Link differently. We will try to get the patch into a primary or secondary sensory cortex, but it's never perfect. It will take some months getting used to. Once you become familiar with your own personal cognitive manifestation of the Link, I'm told the boys have a sort of language worked out for communication. Subjects tell us that the experience is inarticulable in conventional means of communication. Most of they guys who attempt to describe it just produce an incoherent sequence of words. None of us can tell you what to expect, you will have to learn intuitively."

    "What the boys in the lab tell you is all crap. Linkage is like talking to God. The first time it opened for me, it the whole room wavered and spun like 600 mics of LSD. I heard these voices. I felt the presence of the dead. I swear to you, I saw my dear departed mother. So sit down and enjoy this, because once the Link integrates it's part of you, and you won't hear those angels no more."

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    WarpedREVolution     Sun, Apr 5, 2009  Permanent link
    what is this from?
    michaelerule     Sun, Apr 5, 2009  Permanent link
    A chat room conversation I had with a friend yesterday ( original writing, first paragraph is me, second paragraph is friend )
    gamma     Wed, Apr 15, 2009  Permanent link
    This is totally unrelated, I can tell the signs, but someone needs to think about future of humor; recent episode of South Park starts with two friends trying to write creatively (through dialogue). After all day, they come up with a single thing:

    "Do you like fishdicks?"
    "Then you're some gay fish." 
    michaelerule     Wed, Apr 15, 2009  Permanent link
    Node3 : "Where is node 6 ?"
    Node7 : "haven't heard from him in a while"
    Node3 : "anyone contact node 6 recently ?"
    Node4 : "yes, last seen attempting to factor some absurdly large number"
    Node2 : "? query the hardware management Daemons"
    Node3 : "oh dear, seems he has died, overheated"
    Node7 : "Such a shame, always liked node 6, even if he did have a tendency to overclock himself."
    Node2 : "yes, everyone said his speed habit would finally catch up with him..."