Comment on Subjective

gamma Wed, Sep 22, 2010
At the moment I have a small part time job. I am a little bit sick too.
I reviewed the story of neurons and thought about what I learned recently. I am following only the memories evoked by association to this conversation. Then I select some topics (points) and reduce the size drastically.
I am referring to the known hypercomplex neurons in the visual cortex. Someone could verify that and surpass my writing. I am also referring to the neurons that you mentioned. My story or my point is then compressed down to a feeling that the information channel is narrowing down to the hypercomplex neuron. I suspect that we could resonate with the idea given a hypothesis that the working consciousness requires dynamics that generates the phase space of mind. Next, the perception depends from the existence of the fixed attractive points. We imagine the hypoercomplex neurons and attach to the idea of the information flow entering an event horizon and the singularity.
The writing is mystical, but I cannot afford time to write well. I think that you will never write the truth or the true challenges or true ideas, which I would like to ignore and clear from the stage. Of course I could be wrong, but I am waiting to be imporessed.