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lapisdecor Tue, Jan 1, 2008
We trust our money to the internet banking, and I wont argue online voting is a less important matter, it isn't. Anyway, it would be nice to distribute voting watches which could receive basic information on the laws by wifi, and we could press one button for yes, another for no.

The Wii console has currently such a channel working on national and international levels. We can vote for a Mii, or we can answer a question with one of two possible choices.

Email could be used to grant our permition to vote, since we can sign an email, or encrypt one.

Security would be a major concern, but we have independent agencies to deal with security issues on current voting systems, so it would be their problem, a new problem maybe.

The main problem of online democracy to me, is not security, but voting as anonymous.
This has to be granted, or we wont have true democracy. Another problem, is who will decide what to be voted, and when, because even if anyone could suggest a law, there has to be an hierarchy of importance on what is voted. Its easy to see the number of people affected by a law would be proportional to the importance of the law but this may also be relative to the subject itself. Everyone is affected by the size of apples, but there is no doubt many people would skip this kind of voting issues.

Another thing is global democracy. The same law may not be important one one place and extremely important on another. And we should not create a discrimination system based on Geography, we already have too much of that.