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    Frost beautifies our surroundings:

    Fri, Dec 21, 2007  Permanent link

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    We are so close yet so far away. I just can not wait till we meet on your beautiful planet!

    P.S. I hope that you have the fridges there or the right temperature at least to keep the beer cold!
    Thu, Apr 26, 2007  Permanent link

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    The communications satellite that will move information using Internet data-packet standards, allowing direct access to a network via satellite for faster and more flexible communications than current connections will be launched in 2008.

    The satellite will be placed in geostationary orbit at 45 degrees West longitude offering coverage of Europe, Africa and the Americas. Commercial services will be offered from the satellite once successful testing has been completed. "IRIS is to the future of satellite-based communications what ARPANET was to the creation of the internet in the 1960s,"

    Networking switches have been carried on the space shuttle in the past but the IRIS project will place networking technology in permanent orbit, an important step towards creating an interplanetary internet. The Interplanetary Internet, the brainchild of net founder Vint Cerf, involves a project to create networking nodes in space along with developing protocols that tolerate the delays and interference found in space.

    Tue, Apr 24, 2007  Permanent link

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