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    ET2 Architecture?
    This research studio will focus on architectural horizon and ground in a new way; from the perspective of what was called the big blue marble in...
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    History of Voyages-Boats I
    Project: ET2 Architecture?
    Ferdinand Magellan was a Portuguese maritime explorer who while working for the Spanish crown, tried to find a westward route to the Spice Islands of Indonesia. Magellan's voyage began in Seville with five ships and 270 men.

    This was the first known successful attempt to circumnavigate the Earth. He did not complete his final westward voyage; he was killed during the Battle of Mactan in the Philippines. As he died farther west than the Spice Islands, which he had visited on earlier voyages from the west, he became one of the first individuals to cross all the meridians of the globe. He was the first person to lead an expedition sailing westward from Europe to Asia and to cross the Pacific Ocean. Magellan was the first European explorer to enter the Pacific from the Strait of Magellan, which he discovered. He is also remembered as the first European to reach the archipelago of what is now known as the Philippines. Arab traders had established commerce within the archipelago centuries earlier.

    Of the 270 crew members who set out with Magellan to circumnavigate the earth, only 18 completed the circumnavigation of the globe and managed to return to Spain.

    Magellans voyage lasted from August 10, 1519 through September 6, 1522 and covered 14,460 leagues or 43,400 nautical miles. The voyage completed with Juan Sebastian Elcano as the Master.

    One of the many legacies of Magellan's voyage is the establishment of the International Dateline, as the sailors noticed that there calendars differed from those in Spain upon their return.

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