Comment on Does Consciousness Depend on the Brain?

Schmuck Thu, Mar 24, 2011
I'd be inclined to think that consciousness is contained electronically in the brain, but this is only an inclination.

The only thing we can truly be certain of is our own consciousness. All stimuli could be an illusion, and can never be solidly confirmed to ourselves to exist as much as our own consciousness can.

René Descartes famous quote - "I think, therefore I am", implies that, by thinking, we confirm the existence of our own consciousness. Whether this consciousness is anchored to a brain or a body are facts which I feel the need to be agnostic about.

No matter how sophisticated our understanding of ourselves and the universe may become, these understandings all rely on external stimulus to which the existence of cannot ever be confirmed.

And so, while to function, we need to take on board the information received from the stimulus around us, we can never be wholly certain of anything other than the notion that, in some form, our consciousness does exist.