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What happened to nature?
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Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.
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    nagash’s project
    What happened to nature?
    How to stay in touch with our biological origins in a world devoid of nature? The majestic nature that once inspired poets, painters and...
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    Where forward thinking terrestrials share ideas and information about the state of the species, their planet and the universe, living the lives of science fiction. Introduction
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    The DMTrmx project

    The DMTrmx project aims to enrich the dialogue of entheogens specifically, and consciousness in general. Comprised of artists, thinkers, filmmakers, musicians, curious travelers, and anyone willing to facilitate positive change through hacking the endo-matrix, the project’s participants seek to do just that. The sophisticated storytelling voices guide us as we disperse the memes generated from DMT: The Spirit Molecule into culture. Furthermore, these change agents seed the DMTrmx project via other individuals, organizations, universities, and media outlets, creating an innovative and coherent entheogenic narrative.

    DMTrmx utilizes DMT: The Spirit Molecule’s media library (100+ hours of interviews from over 50 brilliant minds, 30+ hours from the Peruvian Amazon, and over one hour of original visual effects, music, and sound files) as its foundation, and the base for discussion for the evolving MNTTKA Manifesto. The manifesto defines new possibilities for humanity’s connection to Spirit through consciousness, physicality, celebration, and representation/communication. Breathing life into the project, DMTrmx offers The Spirit Molecule’s content through a non-commercial Creative Commons license, making it available for viewing and reuse on a variety of online platforms.

    The DMTrmx media covers entheogenic ecology, cultural history of entheogens, shamanism, ayahuasca, entheogenic research, entheogenic effects, spirituality, consciousness, quantum mechanics, and much more. What forms of communication can we develop? How do we map the entheogenic state? What does a picture-puzzled-pattern door look like? What does the common molecular language entail? How do we increase diversity in the community? How do we shift the current culture to openly embrace, or at least decriminalize the exploration of consciousness? By blurring the lines between science and spirituality, the project intends to alter our perception of consciousness, and raise questions about the nature of truth. What is truth? And how does a version of any story affect identity, perception, and ultimately response? The community answers these questions through their interaction with the thoughts, images, and sounds from the DMTrmx database. Additionally, the entheogenic population not only passively views the resulting work; they become an important aspect of the transmedia mythology.

    Community engagement plays a key role in the DMTrmx experience, and the project encourages the world to study and assemble new juxtapositions from the anthology. By generating films, music, installations, paintings, eBooks, or anything else imaginable through exploration, the user experience influences all aspects of knowledge (artistic, philosophical, political, spiritual, scientific, technological, and so on). Humanity will be able to view new films and general content via mobile apps (iPhone/iPad, Android phones/tablets), cable/satellite VOD, digital downloads (iTunes, YouTube, Amazon), Internet enabled TV/Blu-ray, set-top boxes, gaming consoles, and physical environments (festivals, conferences, etc). The remixes in the online and physical magnify the cross-referenced collection of knowledge pushing it to the tipping point, and shifting the paradigm of consciousness.

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    Alex Grey COSM (screen caps included)