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    RE: Internation- Polaroid Providence (now with noise!)
    Upon reading the Internation proposal I had already working on a project
    & mentioned it to Megan....

    It had been tentatively titled Polaroid Nation, the name now out of inspiration and hopes of collaboration with the Internation project, has changed tentatively. (yes I meant for redundancy)

    Polaroid Providence (working title) is a project of art communication and
    understanding human connection through collaboration.

    So far, in it's beta stages so to speak, I spend some time taking Polaroids of life and days and the world and universe and then I send one or two to a friend in the mail, with a small quote or illustration in the white part.

    (photos by me)
    Then my he scans them into his computer and converts the img (image) files into PCM (pulse code modulation) files, and get's sound out of them, brilliant and sometimes obtrusively brilliant sounds. Then he takes the found noises and creates a song either in response to my photos or in collaboration, meaning not of the feeling of my photos at all but something entirely different and that can only be created by our communication.

    (music by flipull)

    My friend is into the internet and web design, also so we are going to create a space that we scan our photos and hopefully more people will do it. Then we can have profile-esque blog-ish sort of thing going on. Each page, all the Polaroids that particular person has taken and uploaded to the site, and each picture will have the option for details, like which other member received the particular photo in the mail...

    Once hearing about the Internation, I was really excited to bring polaroidnation into it as a providence or smaller facet or somehow....

    I was thinking that if we created a script or program and had everyones photos creating noises, and perhaps the members of the Internation could use these files if they were musicians, poets, noisemakers or what have you, and elaborated on the found sounds, and we mixed them all together as the constantly changing noisy abrasive anthem of our nation!

    It's up for consideration and ideas... anyone down?

    Mon, May 7, 2007  Permanent link

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    josh     Tue, May 8, 2007  Permanent link
    hmnmm.... interesting idea. i used to take lots of polaroids myself.

    stay tuned. space collective is launching a projects page soon. this would be an ideal place for you to explore, with the help of the collective, the boundaries of sound and sight.

    p.s. i was looking forward to hearing the sound, but the mp3 did not load. you have to host the file somewhere until we get enough server space for that. then give the direct path to the file. not just "noisejunk03.mp3" but "" ... make sense?
    necromelia;     Tue, May 8, 2007  Permanent link
    mp3 up and noise-ing chek it....

    I am excited about the future developments of space collective

    if you have any Polaroids you can email them to :

    we can make noise out of them if anyone would like to participate.

    sserrato     Wed, May 9, 2007  Permanent link
    that sound is out of control! i'd like to hear the raw sound. this site that you speak of would be a great project. people upload images, translate them to sound, manipulate them, share them. it would be interesting to create a string of sound, a sort of timeline for the experiment. where each entry gets archived in a sound bank and attached to the previous entry, chronologically...

    hmmm. you got my mind on a good one...

    meganmay     Thu, May 10, 2007  Permanent link
    aweomse, and defnintely down with the national anthem idea. maybe in addition, poloroid nation can be a visualization of internation.

    i dont' have a poloroid...perhaps we'll have to invest in one, or maybe i can make drawings of poloroids that i would have taken had i one, or maybe the drawings should be of things i could only capture from brain to hand....whats thinks je?
    necromelia;     Thu, May 10, 2007  Permanent link
    Polaroid cameras are commonly found in the thrift stores from 2$-5$....

    The only expensive part is film, unfortunately. We can make music out of pretty much any img file you would like to use. I am choosing to go with Polaroids in this project because:

    Polaroids are unique to digital and manual photography in that everyone can point and shoot, but also they are "moment catchers"... meaning because you don't have a negative for the Polaroid; therefore, cannot make copies, that is the only picture of that particular moment in space time that will ever exist. Yea, maybe thats a pretty fantastic voyage into meaning but i like it.

    Also, for the purposes of artful communication, i chose Polaroids because of the convenient white space for blurbologist to go at it.

    If you are down and don't know where to get a polaroid camera YOU ARE IN LUCK,
    Believe or not, (i'm guessing you will believe it considering i posted this whole polaroid fanaticism), I collect Polaroid cameras and can fedex to you (reimbursement for shipping and camera may be needed)..

    so yea, like i said, i want everyone in on it. Love the idea of having it be a ongoing timeline of noises by the way!

    I was thinking it would be neat to have a sound manipulation instrument/program online so people can create noises and music together as they logon... i dont know even know if that is possible, but it should be.
    josh     Thu, May 10, 2007  Permanent link
    hmm... let us see what we can do about this. very exciting possibilities abound.

    the software that is used to convert sound to image - mac, or pc? think there is a chance The Collective ™ could get a hold of a copy?

    let see what we can do...
    ellysau     Fri, May 11, 2007  Permanent link
    friggin awesome. i too like the timeline idea...this project in general ties in so well with some of the main themes of space collective, it's such a uniquely creative and ongoing type of documentation, and seems like it can include many different paths of's definitely good
    Flipull     Mon, May 14, 2007  Permanent link
    The program I used to load the image file (and many other files such as executable binaries) as raw PCM data is called Renoise. It's not primarily a file-funking application — oddly, it's actually a tracker — but the built-in sampler is so thorough that I had to play around.

    If anybody wants to try it out, Renoise is shareware and available for Windows XP and OS X. All features are indefinitely available for free, except the option to render musical sequences to Wave (which is not needed for this file-conversion process).

    The trick to getting the right sound out of the image (or whatever file) lies in choosing the right loading options (byte size; signed vs. unsigned; sample rate; etc.). You'll see. Also, if you're using an image, don't forget that cropping the white border out of the Polaroid will have a big impact on the outcome. I cropped it out for a more uniform sound with slightly less buzzing. You can also alter the color/brightness/contrast to affect volume and timbre.

    Extra thanks to my dear buddy Necromelia for taking the photos, sending them in the mail, and suggesting the transformation!

    Edit: One more thing — there are many image file formats. I had the most success converting uncompressed formats like .bmp (Windows bitmap).
    Xarene     Sun, May 27, 2007  Permanent link
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