Comment on RE: Internation- Polaroid Providence (now with noise!)

necromelia; Thu, May 10, 2007
Polaroid cameras are commonly found in the thrift stores from 2$-5$....

The only expensive part is film, unfortunately. We can make music out of pretty much any img file you would like to use. I am choosing to go with Polaroids in this project because:

Polaroids are unique to digital and manual photography in that everyone can point and shoot, but also they are "moment catchers"... meaning because you don't have a negative for the Polaroid; therefore, cannot make copies, that is the only picture of that particular moment in space time that will ever exist. Yea, maybe thats a pretty fantastic voyage into meaning but i like it.

Also, for the purposes of artful communication, i chose Polaroids because of the convenient white space for blurbologist to go at it.

If you are down and don't know where to get a polaroid camera YOU ARE IN LUCK,
Believe or not, (i'm guessing you will believe it considering i posted this whole polaroid fanaticism), I collect Polaroid cameras and can fedex to you (reimbursement for shipping and camera may be needed)..

so yea, like i said, i want everyone in on it. Love the idea of having it be a ongoing timeline of noises by the way!

I was thinking it would be neat to have a sound manipulation instrument/program online so people can create noises and music together as they logon... i dont know even know if that is possible, but it should be.