Comment on RE: Internation- Polaroid Providence (now with noise!)

Flipull Mon, May 14, 2007
The program I used to load the image file (and many other files such as executable binaries) as raw PCM data is called Renoise. It's not primarily a file-funking application — oddly, it's actually a tracker — but the built-in sampler is so thorough that I had to play around.

If anybody wants to try it out, Renoise is shareware and available for Windows XP and OS X. All features are indefinitely available for free, except the option to render musical sequences to Wave (which is not needed for this file-conversion process).

The trick to getting the right sound out of the image (or whatever file) lies in choosing the right loading options (byte size; signed vs. unsigned; sample rate; etc.). You'll see. Also, if you're using an image, don't forget that cropping the white border out of the Polaroid will have a big impact on the outcome. I cropped it out for a more uniform sound with slightly less buzzing. You can also alter the color/brightness/contrast to affect volume and timbre.

Extra thanks to my dear buddy Necromelia for taking the photos, sending them in the mail, and suggesting the transformation!

Edit: One more thing — there are many image file formats. I had the most success converting uncompressed formats like .bmp (Windows bitmap).