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sometimes i feel that feeling is not something you feel at all.
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    Preparing Society For Big Brother and Brain Chips

    Since the arguably terrorist attacks on 9/11 a need for national security seems to grow every year.

    What used to take a tedious hour, takes three, to check into a flight at LAX (and airports worldwide) and you can't even take lipstick on board due to ridiculous protocols to prevent anything "terroristic" happening to our precious country. Even though statistically on a commercial airliner (part 121) the chances of an accident due to sabotage are about 8% (measured between 1950-2004). So why does our accessibility suffer so much for security measures unneeded?

    If there is anything us American's are obsessed with more (besides money) is convenience and our goverment is well aware. Theories that the long wait and exhausting search at baggage claim are preparing our society for a quick scan of a brain chip to alleviate all the time spent and hinder precationary advances for security. Sounds very sci-fi to you? Well sure but this is the sci-fi future we live in right?

    Braingate, is just one of the many advancements neuroscience takes us into the mindscape. The firing of multiple neurons to control objects or machine without any physical force is already working in patients of paralysis. The medias pretty large coverage of a "safe" brain chip "curing" the disabled may support the brain chip big brother theory.

    My Golden Labrador, Sam, besides being extremely good looking and fun to be around, he's a daunting reminder of the harsh realities technology brings us. Perhaps a descendent of a free scavenger dingo, in bred for lineage, his DNA once roamed the earth long before my DNA had mutated to a homo sapien sapien form. And now, not only does he have a job (therapy dog), sleep indoors on my moms bed, but he's had a microchip, the size of a grain of sand in his ear since I got him.

    "oh how convenient!" they say "I'll never lose my lovely five hundred dollar dog again! Perhaps a tracking device on my two year old isn't such a bad idea..." and here comes the futures prophesized by Aldous Huxley and Ray Bradbury, cover your brains there coming

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