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sometimes i feel that feeling is not something you feel at all.
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    Gnarly World, Isolated As You May
    "being the iraqi human rights minister is kind of like being the worm ouroboros, always in the complex position of digesting oneself."

    doing reasearch for work on iraqi civilian victims and destruction.

    I need a break, and tissue.

    and also whats with people? Are we violent, sadistic, ignorant, impulsive, selfish animals? Or is that socially created? Is their benevolence in nature? Or is that something we have tried to create? Why?

    Mon, Apr 9, 2007  Permanent link

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    djchilxxn     Wed, Apr 18, 2007  Permanent link
    its evolution. we are here because we weren't killed by any of the other homo class apes (I.E. WE KILLED THEM).

    The real question is how the hell do you get people over that trip
    necromelia;     Thu, May 3, 2007  Permanent link
    perhaps we should create an art,

    promoting the acknowledgment of a mind evolution that has perpetuated our somewhat separate nature from other earth alien animals, and understanding that maybe we should continue reaching for the next echelon in our journey through the cosmos.

    in doing so we must resolve all lower animal/infant imprints in our genes as well as psyche.

    do you think that is possible?