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    Featuring Powers of Ten by Charles and Ray Eames, based on an idea by Kees Boeke.

    Qu is a typeface inspired by the golden section. When I began to work on this I didn’t know I will make a typeface, It all started as a mere study, I was intrigued by this proportion because it holds a mystery hidden in plain view. Everywhere it’s being used, makes things look good. It often shows up in nature. From the pattern of a pineapple to that of shells and even the human body carefully measured will reveal the same mysterious numbers. The units consisting the grid resulted from the systematic fragmentation of a golden rectangle. Once I obtained a unit that allowed me to build a grid inside of that golden rectangle I made the letter A and from there on followed the rest of the alphabet, in uppercase, lowercase then the numbers and some glyphs.

    I think Qu transcends the notion of a basic font. It looks best in large formats headings and single word titles but that is just my perspective on it, I will share a demo version of Qu with you please use it, play with it and see where it takes you.

    The rest of the font is currently in the making, I’m producing language – specific glyphs and other characters.

    Fri, Sep 19, 2014  Permanent link

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    bruce Lee

    Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless. like water.
    You put water into a bottle it becomes the bottle. you put it into a tea-pot it becomes the tea-pot. Water can flow, or it can chrash. Be water my friend.

    ^ video

    On my wall I have a poster of Bruce Lee and one of Pharrell Williams. These are my two heroes.

    I admire Mr. Lee, His agility, his strength, mental and physical. His capabilities almost defy human nature. And he is also funny.

    For me, he is like water. Always unique but still the same in each and every character he played. He was versatile and amazing in his style. Internally flawless. Constantly focused, free, humble. extraordinary individual, His death rather mysterious seamed like he passed in a different state. He volatilized.

    Water, Unlike a rock. Is in motion. A mere wind-blow will change it's appearance. In nature it is constantly circulated. It evaporates it flows, it solidifies.

    Water is just water, the same everywhere, it permeates trough different kinds of matter and and makes up all life on earth.

    Water can blend with other substances.

    Water can crash and grind rock. It is constantly exerting it's force. Walking on the beach you may find rocks and other objects shaped by the sea. By mere curiosity pick one rock and look at it... How does it seams ?

    It is unique, you can search the whole day you will never find another one like it.

    It is whole, brought by nature to a good state of perfection, it is full from inside out.

    Break it open and it will reveal a bit of her mystery. Her interior will seam fresh. Brand new. You can guess it's composition in the irregularities of the crack or in the patterns just revealed. It's like a glimpse into her story, it tells a bit more about where it came.

    A rock is ageless.
    A rock is patient
    A rock is hard and changes slowly.


    The other poster on my wall is of Pharrell Williams. He seams so much like a rock. With a solid core, ageless, mysterious, Some rocks may change their appearance depending on the angle or the light in which you see them. In the same way he is a product designer, artist, producer. Lately he seams to bee everywhere and collaborating with everybody and that is just crazy.

    So those are my two heroes and how I see them. Which one are yours ?
    Sun, Jun 8, 2014  Permanent link

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    Simplicity is not an objective in art, but one achieves simplicity despite one's self by entering into the real sense of things. - Constantin Brancusi.


    Yesterday i visited the Atelier of Brancusi located in immediate vicinity of Centre Pompidou in Paris. He wished, to have his atelier rebuilt as accurate as possible with all the sculptures which exist within it, at the time of his death, if possible inside Musée D'art Moderne.

    The space where it is now is maybe better. It has a transparent roof which allows natural light to pass and the glass walls to offer a complete view from all sides.

    I tried to imagine him, an old man with white beard and moustache, wearing his white salopete and his cap, in the atelier working on the sculptures. It didn't work. Even if the tools were in their place, the table, and his chair, the blocks of marble ready to be chopped it was something that was sabotaging my exercise of imagination.

    His sculptures. They stand out within the simplicity of his atelier like relics from another world. The exquisite beauty crack your understanding of physical reality. When you look at them a sudden thought goes trough your mind: "they do not belong to this word". - The object presented in front of me absorb by attention. I see a duck and i think, oh yes I know, this is a duck; and stop this mental thread. The opposite happens once you look at his sculptures. Your mind gets more inquiring and notices certain details in the lines, in the reflections that overwhelm you with a pleasant feeling, you begin to see,... to see something amazing: objects with soul.

    Brancusi LEDA
    Mon, Apr 21, 2014  Permanent link

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    Often times when I take the metro and sit down on a chair I look at people around me and think, what is in their mind? I observe their behavior, some play games on their phones, some read, Today a girl was doing her lessons, writing nervously skimming trough her courses, underlining paragraphs, jotting notes, just as she would be in a library. The guy on my left was playing a game on his iPhone, The lady on my diagonal was staring absently into a void. She was not there probably she even missed her station. The guy in front of me was rolling his eyes gazing at the ceiling then over the window at people on the platform again at the ceiling, leaning twisting his whole body and spinning his head, making a forced unnatural move. He also had a weird silent laugh and was whispering words to himself which makes me think he was a bit insane. En fin.

    Majority of people in the metro prefer to kill their time, one way or another. While their body sits abandoned on a chair the mind wanders into unknown realms. In the metro we share the same space only physically, mentally we are somewhere else.

    How would it be like to reverse this, to have the mental landscape brought there into that lousy metro compartment and make abstraction of the body. That would be very interesting to see I think.

    image from 
    Tue, Nov 19, 2013  Permanent link

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    This will be about learning, and the pleasure I discovered in acquiring new skills, making new connections in the brain, creating new meanings etc. I believe learning new things is one of the most beautiful things in this world. Last week I began an experiment and I would like to report on it.

    The question was:
    Is it possible to teach my left hand to write? The answer is yes.

    But that is not the only conclusion I arrived at, the more important thing that I discovered is that intensive concentration on this made me feel very good after each session of intensive practice. It gave me a kick of dopamine or whatever, when I finished the first sheet of lines I was tired but feeling so good.

    So, The experiment consisted in making lines with my left hand on a sheet of paper. One after another, simple lines made with a pen. First row was easy second was a bit messed up, third I noticed myself finding it harder and harder to maintain focus, Slightly shifting to absentmindedness, on the fourth one I took a break to relax a bit than continued. The first lines made after the short break were much better, continuing like this for another 4 minutes I found my focus fading away again, but I kept on forcing it as hard as I could for another 2 or 3 rows, than took another break to relax my hand. When I got back to the task I noticed I can make the lines with greater ease. I was very happy to see some improvement!

    This is how it went till the end of the page, me trying to stay focus as much as I could on the lines. It was not easy, (got a slight headache) but I leaned into the pain trying as much as I could to do straight lines.

    Next days I continued and noticed it was much easier, third acceptable, but noticed that I was starting to get bored with this activity and lost some of the initial enthusiasm(second thoughts like:this is a waste of time) but I managed to motivate myself, I said: it's an experiment I have to cary it out correctly so I kept on focusing, when I've done with that I wrote a few sentences with my left and they were looking promising. Fourth day and so on I stick to the task and made my lines.

    I scanned the pages, here they are day one to day six from top down.

    Ps, if anyone can give any tips or suggest a better method to improve my focus and left hand dexterity please let me know in the comments. Also material about learning and synaptogenesis. I think I'm onto something here, the fact that focusing hard gave me a kick of dopamine makes me want to doit more and better.
    Wed, Jul 31, 2013  Permanent link

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    The use of language has an extended effect upon society and culture. This effect cannot be determined exactly and the intent behind its use is not the production of change but communication between individuals across time and space. Society uses language and the language grows with time and the number of it’s users.

    Let’s think for a moment about bees. Looking at language and saying it’s just a tool for communication would be like saying that bees only purpose is to collect pollen and make honey. We should not miss the less evident but far greater purpose, that of pollination and cross-pollination.

    Language has more the characteristics of an organism rather than that of a tool. It needs speakers to thrive, it mutates over time and it leaves behind a trace of poetry and literature, which eventually become the base for creation of novel forms and meanings.

    In the same way language has been used by our predecessors to record the events and fashion of times. Their character has been absorbed by language making it grow with new words. When we see language as an organism instead of a tool we notice that it exists in two mediums one recorded and one oral.

    Both mediums are multilayered and multidimensional, allowing a variable number of mutations and additions for each dimension where it activates. The mutations created in one dimension can permeate trough other layers and create new meanings.

    Natural languages manifest only in the social context and unlike a tool have no manufacturer, no instruction paper, and don’t need to be maintained artificially.
    Tue, Jul 2, 2013  Permanent link
    Categories: language
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    When you say "you got it all wrong" means both first that you did not understand anything at all ["all wrong"] and second that you misunderstood the thing to be communicated ["you got it"]. Which logically would result in a cumulated frustration from both outcomes and this would be the worse scenario. Logically. But what if we take this statement from a nonlogical approach, when you say "you got it" this means you had a receptor, someone who not just listened to what you had to say but also tried to extract meaning from it but failed entirely ["got it all wrong"].

    We are dealing with facts so far which seams to be at separate poles. On one side logical 2xFrustration msg failed to be transmitted + msg failed to be understood, on the opposite side we deal with a human being willing to communicate. Would you mind if I tell you... You got it all wrong ?

    Tue, Mar 15, 2011  Permanent link

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    "home is where the internet is"


    "home is the internet"
    Sat, Jan 23, 2010  Permanent link

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    Question number one. what Is reality ? what is it made of. how do we switch to a difrent one . why do we believe it`s so hard and so real? ... when it`s not. Or maybe it is.. it`s all about the way we wire our brain. But even this as simple as it seams follows a specific pattern which is dictated by the society we live in. And the society we live in Is the result of someone else`s thought. For some knowing this life is fun and rewarding and I tend to believe that as time goes things happen faster. For those who don`t I don`t know how it is.
    Mon, Dec 7, 2009  Permanent link

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