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    The People in the metro.
    Often times when I take the metro and sit down on a chair I look at people around me and think, what is in their mind? I observe their behavior, some play games on their phones, some read, Today a girl was doing her lessons, writing nervously skimming trough her courses, underlining paragraphs, jotting notes, just as she would be in a library. The guy on my left was playing a game on his iPhone, The lady on my diagonal was staring absently into a void. She was not there probably she even missed her station. The guy in front of me was rolling his eyes gazing at the ceiling then over the window at people on the platform again at the ceiling, leaning twisting his whole body and spinning his head, making a forced unnatural move. He also had a weird silent laugh and was whispering words to himself which makes me think he was a bit insane. En fin.

    Majority of people in the metro prefer to kill their time, one way or another. While their body sits abandoned on a chair the mind wanders into unknown realms. In the metro we share the same space only physically, mentally we are somewhere else.

    How would it be like to reverse this, to have the mental landscape brought there into that lousy metro compartment and make abstraction of the body. That would be very interesting to see I think.

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    Tue, Nov 19, 2013  Permanent link

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