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    Be water or be a rock.
    bruce Lee

    Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless. like water.
    You put water into a bottle it becomes the bottle. you put it into a tea-pot it becomes the tea-pot. Water can flow, or it can chrash. Be water my friend.

    ^ video

    On my wall I have a poster of Bruce Lee and one of Pharrell Williams. These are my two heroes.

    I admire Mr. Lee, His agility, his strength, mental and physical. His capabilities almost defy human nature. And he is also funny.

    For me, he is like water. Always unique but still the same in each and every character he played. He was versatile and amazing in his style. Internally flawless. Constantly focused, free, humble. extraordinary individual, His death rather mysterious seamed like he passed in a different state. He volatilized.

    Water, Unlike a rock. Is in motion. A mere wind-blow will change it's appearance. In nature it is constantly circulated. It evaporates it flows, it solidifies.

    Water is just water, the same everywhere, it permeates trough different kinds of matter and and makes up all life on earth.

    Water can blend with other substances.

    Water can crash and grind rock. It is constantly exerting it's force. Walking on the beach you may find rocks and other objects shaped by the sea. By mere curiosity pick one rock and look at it... How does it seams ?

    It is unique, you can search the whole day you will never find another one like it.

    It is whole, brought by nature to a good state of perfection, it is full from inside out.

    Break it open and it will reveal a bit of her mystery. Her interior will seam fresh. Brand new. You can guess it's composition in the irregularities of the crack or in the patterns just revealed. It's like a glimpse into her story, it tells a bit more about where it came.

    A rock is ageless.
    A rock is patient
    A rock is hard and changes slowly.


    The other poster on my wall is of Pharrell Williams. He seams so much like a rock. With a solid core, ageless, mysterious, Some rocks may change their appearance depending on the angle or the light in which you see them. In the same way he is a product designer, artist, producer. Lately he seams to bee everywhere and collaborating with everybody and that is just crazy.

    So those are my two heroes and how I see them. Which one are yours ?

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