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    Qu - A golden section inspired typeface

    Qu is a typeface inspired by the golden section. When I began to work on this I didn’t know I will make a typeface, It all started as a mere study, I was intrigued by this proportion because it holds a mystery hidden in plain view. Everywhere it’s being used, makes things look good. It often shows up in nature. From the pattern of a pineapple to that of shells and even the human body carefully measured will reveal the same mysterious numbers. The units consisting the grid resulted from the systematic fragmentation of a golden rectangle. Once I obtained a unit that allowed me to build a grid inside of that golden rectangle I made the letter A and from there on followed the rest of the alphabet, in uppercase, lowercase then the numbers and some glyphs.

    I think Qu transcends the notion of a basic font. It looks best in large formats headings and single word titles but that is just my perspective on it, I will share a demo version of Qu with you please use it, play with it and see where it takes you.

    The rest of the font is currently in the making, I’m producing language – specific glyphs and other characters.


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