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    Turning the mind inward
    At the moment I find myself in a challenging situation, to say the least. The good side is that I am now able to witness the breakdown of my prior mental construct and begin to identify certain tendencies of thought determined by various states of mind. The intensity of awareness will cause the mind to shift between these various states of mind.

    Automatisms and deeply rooted behaviors hinder the expression of original thought. In understanding the forces at play in this equation, one can rise above a limiting state of mind and accede to a higher degree of awareness. In doing so, I believe one becomes of service to himself and anyone who encounters.

    Being alive is a gift. It is a magical experience, to say the least. The mind seems to have an innate tendency to bring predictability within this amorphous potentiality. Even if life unfolds in front of our eyes. This (sometimes) compulsory act of (wanting) to manifest our desires is man's most intriguing capacity. Decisions, desires, loves and fears are at play along with aspirations and inspiration, beliefs, imagination, energy, and perseverance.

    In adopting a free, unset mind one develops an intimate relationship with the universe and implicitly with himself. Know thyself.


    I can also easily call it an unaligned state of mind. When (in some situations) contradictory desires bring about situations where one feels lost, confused and weak. The imaginative capacities of the mind are diminished, the joy, the happiness is gone and what is left is an endless chasing of something that appears more and more unattainable.

    When the mind simply bounces between ideas, memories, emotional traumas, it starts combining and re-combining experiences into future scenarios or past scenarios meant to validate or invalidate the current state of affairs.

    When one feels that he lost freedom. The freedom to choose to think about what he wants, the freedom to desire and pursue what one desires. It so happens that our very desires trick us into this kind of trap where instead of getting closer to our selves we're being molded into a certain character.


    When I merge in intensity with my utmost genuine desires, the mind goes into a state of flow. In this state, one is fully present and absorbed into his action. The inspiration just flows, the thing gets done perfectly well with no conscious effort.

    When one chooses to not think about the past, nor the future. One simply takes life as it is, and deals with challenges as they arise. There's a subtle interplay between desires and action here because some desires can pull you out of the present moment.

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