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    The cold shower
    Often when I shower, I switch off the hot water. There is space of 1-2 seconds until the cold water starts pouring, and during that time, I try to prepare mentally: Do not react - breath in, and remain calm. The cold water runs on my body, I begin to feel a trace of that specific sensation which resemble a spasm, but I just observe, I notice a thought that comes to my mind to switch back on the hot water and alternate but then I tell myself it's just an excuse. The intense sensations wear off, the water feels cold, but my body almost got used to it, it feels more bearable. I have a different sensation now, one of general coldness all over my body but, I also notice that I am more awake. The wakefulness feels nice, and it allows me to focus more into detail on the sensations that I feel. It seems like every time I observe the sensations, the sensations change. It feels now like I'm wrapped in a cold cloth, all the while feeling the warmth inside my body. It feels nice, I like it, and I actually enjoy it. I stay a little bit more under the shower, and an idea begins to take shape in my mind.

    The way to transcend any bodily sensation is to observe it.

    You may be quick to argue, yes, but I am cold, duh, it's impossible not to notice that. Indeed but you have reacted to the coldness with adversity and not curiosity. The attention now shifted from the bodily sensation of cold to the emotional spectrum of adversity fueled by the sensation of cold water on the body. Both are evolving processes. While one gives feedback from stimuli, the other is producing a narrative.

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