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    The use of language has an extended effect upon society and culture. This effect cannot be determined exactly and the intent behind its use is not the production of change but communication between individuals across time and space. Society uses language and the language grows with time and the number of it’s users.

    Let’s think for a moment about bees. Looking at language and saying it’s just a tool for communication would be like saying that bees only purpose is to collect pollen and make honey. We should not miss the less evident but far greater purpose, that of pollination and cross-pollination.

    Language has more the characteristics of an organism rather than that of a tool. It needs speakers to thrive, it mutates over time and it leaves behind a trace of poetry and literature, which eventually become the base for creation of novel forms and meanings.

    In the same way language has been used by our predecessors to record the events and fashion of times. Their character has been absorbed by language making it grow with new words. When we see language as an organism instead of a tool we notice that it exists in two mediums one recorded and one oral.

    Both mediums are multilayered and multidimensional, allowing a variable number of mutations and additions for each dimension where it activates. The mutations created in one dimension can permeate trough other layers and create new meanings.

    Natural languages manifest only in the social context and unlike a tool have no manufacturer, no instruction paper, and don’t need to be maintained artificially.
    Tue, Jul 2, 2013  Permanent link
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    When you say "you got it all wrong" means both first that you did not understand anything at all ["all wrong"] and second that you misunderstood the thing to be communicated ["you got it"]. Which logically would result in a cumulated frustration from both outcomes and this would be the worse scenario. Logically. But what if we take this statement from a nonlogical approach, when you say "you got it" this means you had a receptor, someone who not just listened to what you had to say but also tried to extract meaning from it but failed entirely ["got it all wrong"].

    We are dealing with facts so far which seams to be at separate poles. On one side logical 2xFrustration msg failed to be transmitted + msg failed to be understood, on the opposite side we deal with a human being willing to communicate. Would you mind if I tell you... You got it all wrong ?

    Tue, Mar 15, 2011  Permanent link

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    "home is where the internet is"


    "home is the internet"
    Sat, Jan 23, 2010  Permanent link

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    Question number one. what Is reality ? what is it made of. how do we switch to a difrent one . why do we believe it`s so hard and so real? ... when it`s not. Or maybe it is.. it`s all about the way we wire our brain. But even this as simple as it seams follows a specific pattern which is dictated by the society we live in. And the society we live in Is the result of someone else`s thought. For some knowing this life is fun and rewarding and I tend to believe that as time goes things happen faster. For those who don`t I don`t know how it is.
    Mon, Dec 7, 2009  Permanent link

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