Comment on Instant Infrastructure Revolution Kit

BenRayfield Mon, Jun 13, 2011
It doesn't make sense. First they install a centralized off switch in large parts of the Internet. Then they support independent networks that nobody can turn off.

If this is true, then I estimate this marks the turning point between a centralized world government and a decentralized peer-to-peer organization of society. Maybe they finally figured out a one world hierarchy government can't work. Or maybe they're trying to distract people from the off switch on large parts of the Internet by appearing to work toward its opposite. USA must know that by helping people of other countries to have power over their governments, the people of USA will have the same power over their government when they build similar independent networks. Or maybe there are many rich and politically powerful organizations fighting for both directions of centralized vs decentralized. Maybe somebody in USA's government wants the people of USA to gain the ability to learn what other parts of USA's government are really doing, and that's the only way one part of the government could defeat the other. Many possibilities. We should watch this closely, especially in combination with the anonymous Tor network, Bitcoin, and similar things which governments may feel threatened by.