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We live in a world in which exquisite beauty is to be found, beauty in the things of nature, beauty in the artifacts of man, beauty in human behavior and human relationships. But this beauty is uniformly imperfect, impermanent and, on its own level, inexplicable; It seems to only be understandable on seemingly paradoxical terms. I am interested in language, data flow, noise, distortion, feedback, interference, harmony, gradients.
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    Sat, Nov 19, 2011  Permanent link

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    We are at a special moment for advancing the art of mathematical modeling in the social sciences. Just as mathematical tools, computer simulation, and computer graphic visualization techniques are enabling new methods for the social, behavioral, and economic sciences we are discovering another tool - the game of evolution with continuous action.

    Together, beauty and chaos live and work to eliminate the other. In runtime they flowing with the other.

    Engage matter displacement interface - point light energy towards center - apply balance to the flow by directing energy towards balance - cause flow and gradient into a harmonic stream - beauty.
    Mon, Nov 7, 2011  Permanent link

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    the wind blows
    roots buried in the soil
    chaos, beauty
    seeking the form that the desire creates
    another shapes the vision

    bend and creak
    pain for beauty

    the shears guiding existence into realization
    shaping the essence of the output

    beauty, chaos
    jettisoned across the landscape
    turmoil, resolve

    the essence of the moment
    the flavor, the smell

    never a duplicate
    always now
    sadness, loneliness

    an outward uncertain order that follows a pattern
    like children at play
    beauty and chaos exist

    traveling in the metascape of dimension
    makeup with rough manner
    inverting a projection of the present to fit logical mind

    surfing the waves of red
    to the side between foundation and downspout
    banner of velvet energy
    like a phoenix
    twirl through space

    beyond the pleasant color of childhood
    a realm where color becomes white
    blue touches the edge of yellow
    dancing to the flame

    needing matter
    the displacement interface
    choice, free will
    dispense without regard
    impact, connectedness
    action, effect

    colors, words
    permanence, reality
    pain, love

    i am the stars
    aligned, story
    like a flame, never static
    my body is a candle

    time stops
    beauty, juxtaposed chaos
    look away, memory
    something less than real
    open eyes
    access, embrace

    Fri, Nov 4, 2011  Permanent link

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    We are living in a time of uncertainty and insecurity; We cling to what we have, yet we are surrounded by false projections and illusions of a mortgaged future. We are transforming towards a genuine love and understanding of beauty and this will reveal all that is possible. Society is beginning to harmonize with the idea that deeply-fathomed change — the kind of change that summons up the earth to meet one’s feet — becomes the only pathway forward, our most crucial step, yet, as one who blunders off a cliff, our legs still twiddle in the air: we are seeking a foothold that will see us through.
    Wed, Sep 21, 2011  Permanent link

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    Just as the essence of perception is not sensing objects but apprehending them, even if we can only apprehend them through the mediation of sense, so the paradigm of a real world is not its sensible imaginability but its intelligible apprehensibility. I do not mean by this that anything which can be conceived by the intellect is thereby shown to exist, but I do mean that anything that concretely exists can be grasped by the intellect in its concrete existence. If therefore the universe of modern physics is one in which all attempts to make it intelligible by models of sensory type fail and which requires for its systematisation the kind of concepts that are used by quantum physics, this does not in the least imply that it is unreal or subjective. It simply means that the formulae of quantum physics express the kind of intelligibility that it has.
    Wed, Sep 21, 2011  Permanent link

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    Say this blanket represents all the matter and energy in the universe, okay? This is me, this is you, And over here, this is the Eiffel Tower, right, it’s Paris! The universe is an infinite sphere whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere. Nobody sits like this rock sits. You rock, rock. The rock just sits and is. You show us how to just sit here and that’s what we need. When you get the blanket thing, you can relax, because everything you could ever want or be, you already have and are. There is no remainder in the mathematics of infinity. Well, um, for instance: if the forms of this world die, which is more real, the me that dies or the me that’s infinite? Can I trust my habitual mind, or do I need to learn to look beneath those things? What happens in the meadow at dusk? Everything! Nothing! It’s beautiful.
    Wed, Sep 21, 2011  Permanent link

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    I believe in the importance of using our imaginations in our daily lives and that a highly refined imagination is an incredibly valuable outcome resulting from the daily attendance of ones inner landscape.
    Sun, Apr 10, 2011  Permanent link

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    By making choices that lay a groundwork for the betterment of ourself, our family, our community and our planet we can build an world in which we can live and thrive.
    Sun, Apr 10, 2011  Permanent link

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