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We live in a world in which exquisite beauty is to be found, beauty in the things of nature, beauty in the artifacts of man, beauty in human behavior and human relationships. But this beauty is uniformly imperfect, impermanent and, on its own level, inexplicable; It seems to only be understandable on seemingly paradoxical terms. I am interested in language, data flow, noise, distortion, feedback, interference, harmony, gradients.
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    Inverse Forces
    We are at a special moment for advancing the art of mathematical modeling in the social sciences. Just as mathematical tools, computer simulation, and computer graphic visualization techniques are enabling new methods for the social, behavioral, and economic sciences we are discovering another tool - the game of evolution with continuous action.

    Together, beauty and chaos live and work to eliminate the other. In runtime they flowing with the other.

    Engage matter displacement interface - point light energy towards center - apply balance to the flow by directing energy towards balance - cause flow and gradient into a harmonic stream - beauty.

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