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    When we are aware of ourselves in upcoming scenarios such as what we may do tomorrow, something peculiar happens. When the imagination lingers with memories compartments, the vestigial preconceived images constructed are yielded with myriad emotional resonances, that can create conflict within the contemplation of executing the future imagined scenario. Is it true that everything we perceive now, we may be applying to a feeling such as anxiety, fear, love, and the rest of the spectrum to every aspect of the stimuli involved in the future scenario just by thinking of it? Is there a way to control the chaos from the beginning of it? Furthermore how effectively could one harness and control what they perceive so it doesn't become an emotional roller coaster every time they go thinking about anything they might do or not do? once a person carrys on without constructively organizing such a mess from the beginning then a thick mess of this belief system could turn ones thoughts into a near concrete map(personality disorders,phobias,etc) and to break through it would require a serious amount of time(therapy or self therapy).

    Or would it? Could there be a program written in the future using possibly fmri(functional magnetic resonance imaging) to reconfigure an already conditioned mental map so one could choose how they would like to feel about anything in the future that is already apart of memory. Could the program even configure the mental map to determine how the person feels about the program itself? I could imagine such a program would make it safe to think without the consequences of potential negative emotions that are engraved to arise as long as it programmed to a particular memory sequence. But could it redesign past structures before the program existed or would it only be active from that moment on? our minds already try to improvise but it has proven to be unsuccessful so more invasive terms will mostly likely be made in the future. Hopefully it's not something that becomes mandatory and people could retain the freedom to choose their own model. if society continues in the direction it is then such a program may become disastrous on a mainstream level. some people would be using the program to adopt new mental disorders, addictions, or odd phobias that there favorite celebrities have so they could falsely feel closer to them. i'm sure it could get to all sorts of levels. realistically i don't think we are that far away from this technology. I just hope that it's used as a form of therapy and doesn't fall into the wrong hands, but it's inevitable.
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