Comment on From Citizen Kane to Knowmadism

notthisbody Sun, May 30, 2010
i don't know what "educate" means. what that carries with it. and what requirements constitute education.

i shared with them. engaged them in conversation. did i manage to impart all the intricacies of our hyperconnected reality? no. i don't think i know them all, so i can't expect to teach it to them :)

was i able to impart a glimmer, a shadow, an outline, a hint? enough to spark curiosity? enough to stick with them consciously or subconsciously? enough that these ideas become difficult to ignore?

this same group of kids came in the next class, and several asked me "Ishan, can we have another talk today?" no one objected. two students even deleted their facebooks after the lecture - now I didn't suggest they do this, and I will be questioning them on their rationale.

I'm preparing another conversation for the very last class. It takes time and repetition to make a lasting impression. i do strongly think i've managed to influence how they think. But the most important point, is that NO ONE is having anything that approaches this type of conversation with them. I shared with them a fresh perspective, and that I know sticks, perhaps not with all, but most of these students will never forget it, I'm sure - especially because of the context that I gave to most of it. when they begin to recognize what I've shared with them in their own environment, independent of the classroom, perhaps some of their own infocologies will extend their restructuring, or destructuring, and their narratives will expand anew.