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digital cartographers, narrative realization. image workers & pixel [re]searchers. emographers. memetic mappers. space cadets. polytopians.
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    Fluid Fractal Organism Statement
    Project: Polytopia
    Having participated in the development of the Polytopia Project since its outset here on SpaceCollective, my primary focus and passion has been to make inroads into conceptualizing, innovating and developing the tools/interfaces/utlities/system architectures that facilitate and contribute to the emergence of a polytopian mind habitat.

    Together with Gavin Keech (@gavinkeech), Gunther Sonnenfeld (@goonth), Brendan Howley (@brendanhowley) and our selfs (@notthisbody), we have formed an entity called ThinkState - a creative innovation consultancy that is building UBIQUID.US - values-driven creative tools for the collaborative economy.

    With awareness of inspiration stemming from the Polytopia Project within all of us involved, we wish to publish the statement below, contributed to be each of us, assembled based on our shared affinities and values.

    The intention is that this statement can be hacked, examined, ripped apart, adopted, adapted by any and all who find use for it - so that perhaps we can define a kind of mutual commitment statement suited to a Polytopian perspective.

    These core characteristics and principles are strongly inspired from the Polytopia presentation and map that were created in November 2010.

    As well, I would like to thank and credit Spaceweaver, whose text I have taken the liberty of adapting under the heading "How we desire to be free".

    We welcome any and all who would like to join the conversation around these affinities.

    Fluid Fractal Organism - Participation and Fusion
    from Entanglement Personas/Metaconstructs by @gavinkeech

    The below text also exists at for live, collaborative editing.


    THIS STATEMENT is made this _______ day of ______, 2011, to set forth the stated intention of [entities involved] to continue in a collaborative and cooperative fluid fractal organism (FFO) - for profit and social benefit around their common affinities.

    This letter sets forth the vision statement and key characteristics under which the entities of the FFO intend to develop a partnership agreement and act from a business perspective.

    Key Characteristics

    Key characteristics of the ThinkState FFO include:

    [entities involved] will endeavor to cooperate with one another to develop aesthetic interfaces and utilities that
    • transition and evolve current socio-economic models
    • lead to the emergence of collaborative marketplaces
    • co-create value through the leveraging of affinities around shared narratives
    • monetize that value through ethical re-sale and incentivization of personal data
    • volumize and visualize that data via immersive technologies
    • enhance emergent properties and multiplicity
    • contribute and reciprocate with the open-source community
    • ...create a ground of engagement for entities to interact and nourish one another: the coordinating layer of both the web of our strategic partnerships and the web itself

    Guiding Principles

    The principles of the cooperative relationship are:
    • All initiatives will be tested towards their potential to mutually and reciprocally enhance entities
    • By all means practicable, all initiatives will strengthen co-emergent interests
    • An ambience of partner cooperation will allow for mutually agreed-upon concurrent agendas
    • Critical decisions will be undertaken in an ambience of openness and directed dialogue
    • All value co-creation will be undertaken in an ambience of transparency
    • These principles we place before personalities.

    How we desire to be free

    Technology offers the possibility of analyzing and directing the mental processes involved in computing our choices towards an optimized state of freedom.

    By developing interfaces and utilities, we might find greater degrees of personal and collaborative freedom not only by means of increased computing resources and information access, but also by upgrading the very way we compute.

    If we gain sufficient understanding of how mental processes arise, we can begin to devise general methods of ridding them from unnecessary redundancies and increasing their aesthetic and creative qualities.

    This is our mission: to utilize the sciences of the mind, providing us with powerful insights and tools to help us optimize individual and collaborative freedoms.


    When we no longer feel we share common affinities, we must arrange to fluidly be able to move past that block to continue with the affinities that we do still have in common, if we so desire.

    Concurrent agendas are possible by transparent best practices, which in turn respect the vision that we have set forward.

    No longer sharing specific affinities does not render collaboration mutually exclusive.

    A recognition of these characteristics and principles is the bedrock of our collaboration: we will, each of us, make best efforts to continue to evolve those characteristics and principles, guided by balancing what is best for all of us against what is best for our company.

    Entire Understanding

    This Statement contains the mutual understanding between the sentient entities with respect to its subject matter and supersedes any prior understandings and agreements between them with respect thereto.







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    klaitner     Wed, Feb 16, 2011  Permanent link
    This is very exciting, especially considering the people attached to it, and attachable to it.

    Will spend more than the 20 seconds I've given this, but this statement jumps out as perhaps premature and assumes only one monetization strategy - "monetize that value through ethical re-sale and incentivization of personal data"

    Spaceweaver     Wed, Feb 16, 2011  Permanent link
    Interesting experiment indeed !

    A word about the term 'termination' which I find a bit alien to Fluid Fractal Organisms and even more to what one might mean in 'commitment'. What might be terminated is the participation in goal oriented specific activities. However, those principles, values and views that serve as the substantial defining elements of this agreement and the intentional stances emerging from it (I would call them core affirmations) should better be held outside temporal boundaries. In other words, termination is not applicable to them. Instead, they are constantly subject to constructive scrutiny and collaborative iteration which again does not involve goal oriented specifics but is conducted in parallel to such activities.
    Wildcat     Thu, Feb 17, 2011  Permanent link
    This is to my eyes a brilliant and valiant effort in the most positive direction, I have much to add here (and hack..) , will do asap.
    gamma     Sun, Feb 20, 2011  Permanent link
    Coincidentally, the diagram seems to contain the artwork similar to that of my high school friend who long time ago invented the Giant Amoeboid Being from the Planet of Fear X. It is this Thing whose very mention is sufficient to inflate yourself and exaggerate, wave hands, get nuts and make faces, primarily with your mouth and teeth. He invented many Things for inflating yourself or becoming Mega Stupid.
    Giant Amoeboid Being is something like a Normal thing from Nature that you might learn some day at the biology or another class. Its a kind of beauty and the ugliness, ok? More ugliness.
    sonicport+techfolder     Tue, Feb 22, 2011  Permanent link
    I was thrown into a swift cross-discipline fine art project at a university as a workshop leader and my task was to create a dynamic graphic score architecture to function in a cinema, creating an environment that allows growth from the inside, and within the context of a historical space in a small seaside town. I think something like this would really help and I admire the clarity in your diagrams. I hope I can introduce these ideas to the students, I can see this being a way to access and process lots of potentialities.
    klaitner     Tue, Feb 22, 2011  Permanent link
    * transition and evolve current socio-economic models
    very interested in this one, what current models are the starting points? or is this a more general statement?

    * lead to the emergence of collaborative marketplaces
    the models will help achieve this goal but platforms based on non-hierarchical emergent structure will be needed, also very interesting

    * co-create value through the leveraging of affinities around shared narratives

    a little fluffy, but sure

    monetize that value through ethical re-sale and incentivization of personal data

    disagree with this being in this document, not because I am fundamentally against this mode of value transfer (though I am not a fan, it has its place, emphasizing the ethical part, and ensuring the value is not extracted but precipitated through the value chain), but because I fundamentally believe that *net (my conception) cannot have a profit motive per say, but is rather value vector positive by definition (things that destroy value will not be permitted, or will be severely discouraged)

    * volumize and visualize that data via immersive technologies

    this seems out of place, is this a specialty or interest of one of the early founders? I would expect immersive technologies to be an interesting area of development, not a constraint. that said let's see the toys, I'm still waiting for someone to do it well.

    * enhance emergent properties and multiplicity

    I like this very much, would go beyond '' to basing the fundamental design of the information space on the concepts of emergence (and the simple rules that interact to produce emergent behavior) and multiplicity being the mode of expression of intersubjective entanglement space - really this is a commitment not to destroy value, see comment above about value positive.

    * contribute and reciprocate with the
    open-source community

    I think we need to save the open source community from copyleft, one value equation at a time, but working with them is a good start.

    * ...create a ground of engagement for entities to interact and nourish one another:

    create a ground of engagement.. like it a lot, very pregnant

    the coordinating layer of both the web of our strategic partnerships and the web itself

    'coordinating layer' is interesting, the whole sentence seems a bit disjoint.