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digital cartographers, narrative realization. image workers & pixel [re]searchers. emographers. memetic mappers. space cadets. polytopians.
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    The human species is rapidly and indisputably moving towards the technological singularity. The cadence of the flow of information and innovation in...

    A series of rambles by SpaceCollective members sharing sudden insights and moments of clarity. Rambling is a time-proven way of thinking out loud,...

    Start your own revolution
    Catching up with the future. All major institutions in the world today are grappling to come to terms with the internet. The entertainment...
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    Where forward thinking terrestrials share ideas and information about the state of the species, their planet and the universe, living the lives of science fiction. Introduction
    Featuring Powers of Ten by Charles and Ray Eames, based on an idea by Kees Boeke.
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    NTB Storylabs - Form Constants #1
    Project: Polytopia

    October 20-21st, 2012, 11am-6pm
    Los Angeles Edison Power Plant #3
    The Brewery Arts Colony, Downtown Los Angeles

    Lattices, honeycombs, checkerboards, triangles – form constants were first conceived and studied in 1926 by Heinrich Klüver as geometric shapes at the core of human visual perception, revealed through altered states of consciousness – hypnagogia, hallucinations, synesthesia, fever, meditation, near-death experiences…

    Others have continued to explore deeply common human experiences – Karl Jung worked with form constants of a different kind, those he called archetypes – psychological organs, analogous to the physical ones that arose through evolution; Noam Chomsky proposed a “universal grammer” hard-wired into the brain and properties that all natural human languages share.

    The evolution of technology, however, is morphing our perception through new extensions of our senses, changing our relationships with our environment – each other – and ourselves. Is what we take as common perceptions among humanity today diverging as we augment, enhance and mediate our subjective experience through technology, or is it bringing us closer together? Is the blend of flesh and information changing the very core of what is considered to be “human”?

    Using paint, pixels, light, sound, sculpture, games both online and off, FORM CONSTANTS #1 is an experiment and experience about perception, information, communication, culture and narrative – just what is the earthquake that none felt?

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