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I read and write, that's all. I'm doing some research on language, inscription... kind'a trying to fool Kant (poor me) and his hypochondriac melancholy as reflected in the Transcendental Aesthetic of his Critique of Pure Reason, that is to say, to figure how we could translate into some kind of literary text, that is to say, essay-poetry-prose (interwoven), an outer experience of times (notice the plural), languages and places. How many and what dialects should we be able to understand?
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    First of all, I ask for forgiveness, I can hardly manage to express myself in English
    with some clarity, not to speak of correctness, apropiateness or whatever "-ness"
    you might wish or expext.

    Second: (Side number two, said number two)
    I would like to open a question

    about Emerson, Thoreau and that line of
    beautiful prose producers
    which remind me so much like some
    German then English "romantics"
    that dangerous dangerous word

    and made me wonder, better say wander, around a freezing 'concept',
    (using that term makes me feel really funny): 'infinite'
    that word is poisonous, makes me have horrible digestions
    and better nightmares,
    the point is
    the question
    (that i'm afraid i'll have to rewrite in some days)
    is about abstraction,
    the retorical magnification which produce
    some words, expressions that work
    like makeup works,
    what about keeping the narratives healthy
    what about keeping them real, and concrete,
    more than metahuman?

    Isn't the theory of multiple worlds
    a dangerous scape form this sinking one,
    the last heavy burden for it?
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