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    Tue, Jan 15, 2008  Permanent link

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    Inspired by this and in relation to this, I was discussing the possibility of dimensions beyond our daily perceived three dimensions. My roommate is fixated on two things currently: space and other dimensions. He talks about other dimensions and a longing to experience these dimensions the way that he talks about his longing to experience the planets of far off galaxies. I, admittedly, have only an elementary introduction to the notion of, let's call them, extracurricular dimensions. It is with this admitted lack of thorough education on current theory of the 4th, 5th, 6th, etc. dimensions that I proposed this hypothesis: There can only be four perceivable dimensions.

    Because the word dimension was conceived from a brain that evolved it's ability to function directly from the three dimensions that influenced it, there can only be the three tangible dimensions and all other dimensions are beyond "dimension"—that is, beyond threshold, beyond confinement, beyond our perceivable ability to distinguish between. Therefore there are the three familiar dimensions and then the 4th dimension which, for all intents and purposes, is the "other" category. In this "all of the above" category, we can lump in all that may very well be but who knows┬╣.

    I have ambiguous inclinations that mathematicians may be able to conceptualize these other dimensions better than we because they are fluent in a language much more universal than the one we use to describe, say, the color of the sky("It's sky blue, brohem" vs. "It's 0, 127, 255, brohem"). However, as to my roommates aspirations of traveling to far off dimensions, my conclusion remains: You can't get there from here.

    I do maintain, though, that these extracurricular dimensions are present and explorable albeit intangibly so. We're soaking in it, but we just can't see, smell, taste, touch, hear, or read its palms. I think that many of the accounts of psychonautical expeditions, such as those of elenakulikova, are examples of heightened perceptions expedited by drugs. Mushrooms, for instance, insight a very visually enhanced experience for many. Alternatively, marijuana enhances, for some, the minds ability to perceive cognitively. I imagine these drugs to be symbolic of the way x-ray technicians use radioactive dyes to illuminate blood flow in a human body. Imagine perceiving a landscape setting, lucidly, through our three dimensions. There's a tree at the end of a field of tall grass waving in the wind. Add the "cognitive dye" of a Psilocybin mushroom and suddenly you become aware of what is not visual in nature but can suddenly be represented visually. Now this landscape is populated by people, but not necessarily people*. The tree feels warm, but not warm*. There is a horsefly that flies in throaty ellipses around a horses tail that wafts, each strand a little melancholy, a little salty—but...not...exactly*. The experiences described are often prefaced as being generally indescribable.

    To sum up: extracurricular dimensions are fun yet not real*. Drugs, alternatively, are just fun and real. Do them and meet exciting and super intelligent shades of blue.

    ┬╣ emphasis added to stress the idea of knowledge as the brains systematic accumulation and categorization of that which is perceived*.

    * emphasis added to stress the idea that perception is limited to what the brain can experience via electrical stimulation of neural receptors on various parts of the body.
    Thu, Jan 3, 2008  Permanent link

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    Within the past year, I have become aware that my brain has been sabotaging my daily efforts to attain harmony and stability with my surroundings. My brain wants other people to think the way it does. Its primary mode of thought is inspired by the fear of death and the fear of nonexistence. If left to its own devices, my brain will discriminate, judge, create hierarchies, seek validation, and ignore facts. My brain observes arbitrary happenstances and from a subjective standpoint assigns duality to occurrences that, at face value, belong to no dichotomy. These functions of my brain are natural and have helped my general genetic makeup to survive the past 130,000 years, roughly. My brain acts in this manner because this manner works. However, my current goal is not to conquer or to survive at all costs. My current goal, in this very human, very comfortable western existence is to practice that which will bring me and my fellow humans into closer harmony with each other and the earth. Therefore it is my new years resolution that I restrict my brains access to my self.

    This is not to say that I will stop being conscious, stop being rational. These functions will remain and, perhaps, will become more robust. However, I will be limiting my brains participation in my perceptions. I will walk down streets and I will not be clouded in thought, perceiving through various filters. I will be as close to the experience as possible. My mind will be clear. Through my daily situations, I will flow like water, touching everything and allowing everything to pass through me. When I feel the need to let my brain play a part, I will use it rather than letting it use me. My brain will benefit from this relationship as well as I will be giving it a necessary rest when its services are not used.

    photo courtesy of regolare
    Wed, Jan 2, 2008  Permanent link

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    Today especially, for no distinguishable reason, I really do feel that there are things that can be done about all of this; this very fractured, tumultuous human social experience. All we have to do is take the time to care. If we care while we participate, our children can pick it up. We can focus on our own problems: mold ourselves into responsible, aware parents who will mold well-adjusted, aware children. We will educate these well adjusted children progressively and instill humility. We will create noble leaders distinguishable from our masses only by their willingness to sacrifice their own time and comfortability to maintain the prosperous, intelligent society which they will lead.

    We have been diluted by passion-inspired ignorance which has created unaware and irresponsible masses. Today one noble leader will not ever correct generations of stagnation. For now, those who are able to open their eyes must do so. We must speak, vote, teach, learn, listen, and, above all, care. For we who are able, we are so at the expense of so many others who are unable and for whom enough is not being done.

    In this chapter of human history, the visibility and effectiveness of leadership has been shrouded in the flags which represent each of our governments. We must leave the titles of kings, emperors and presidents to those who want such titles, but we must take the responsibility to form productive compassionate societies into our own mind, heart, and hands. Each end product to any cold, sterile governmental procedure or policy has a human mind, heart, and hand at the beginning. It is a human's hand that writes the signature that condemns a man to death. It is a human's hand who programs the software that keeps track of library book activity. At the beginning is where we will start.

    Care, empathize, listen, think, and act in that order. Care for those who you do not see, cannot see because they do not yet exist. Start by caring about those who tangibly pass you on the sidewalks and streets of our cities. Empathize with those who you do not agree with. Listen to why they think they are right. Think about why they might be right or why they are wrong. Now act. We are able to do this, so we must. Let our productive ideas propagate by proxy.

    We must conduct ourselves in a manner that reflects everything that we want fixed in the world. We will be aware of the world, but focus only far enough to make effective decisions. We will use our minds, hearts, and hands to care for ourselves and the planet we nest upon. With this effort to wane our selfishness, we will make a difference in indefinite generation's lives.

    We will never know the perfect society that we will strive to create. Not one of us will. Therefore it is useless to focus on the end which we will never realize. However, the starting point will always be the same and ever tangible: With that one human mind, heart, and hand that will most likely be our own. Knowledge is power and power is restricted to your own self. Therefore, perhaps, knowledge of yourself is true power.

    Let's start teaching people to care. Let us do this. Not them or him or her. We will do this because we can.
    Tue, Jan 1, 2008  Permanent link

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