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    New years resolution: stop letting my brain use me
    Within the past year, I have become aware that my brain has been sabotaging my daily efforts to attain harmony and stability with my surroundings. My brain wants other people to think the way it does. Its primary mode of thought is inspired by the fear of death and the fear of nonexistence. If left to its own devices, my brain will discriminate, judge, create hierarchies, seek validation, and ignore facts. My brain observes arbitrary happenstances and from a subjective standpoint assigns duality to occurrences that, at face value, belong to no dichotomy. These functions of my brain are natural and have helped my general genetic makeup to survive the past 130,000 years, roughly. My brain acts in this manner because this manner works. However, my current goal is not to conquer or to survive at all costs. My current goal, in this very human, very comfortable western existence is to practice that which will bring me and my fellow humans into closer harmony with each other and the earth. Therefore it is my new years resolution that I restrict my brains access to my self.

    This is not to say that I will stop being conscious, stop being rational. These functions will remain and, perhaps, will become more robust. However, I will be limiting my brains participation in my perceptions. I will walk down streets and I will not be clouded in thought, perceiving through various filters. I will be as close to the experience as possible. My mind will be clear. Through my daily situations, I will flow like water, touching everything and allowing everything to pass through me. When I feel the need to let my brain play a part, I will use it rather than letting it use me. My brain will benefit from this relationship as well as I will be giving it a necessary rest when its services are not used.

    photo courtesy of regolare

    Wed, Jan 2, 2008  Permanent link

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    Zukzuk     Wed, Jan 2, 2008  Permanent link
    Interesting experiment. Maybe it'll even unlock some unused space, because some parts are not activated in out rational world. Could be a trip!
    cupcakewizard     Wed, Jan 2, 2008  Permanent link
    Yes! That constant buzz of opinions and ideas based on past experiences and seeking approval. To hell with it all!

    This really is a big challenge. When I'm alone on a walk I find that's the best time to monitor my thought patterns and observe the way my mind scans information and processes. We can become so easily distracted by the subtlest occurrences and before you know, the mind is trailing off inventing a series of events.

    I'm joining your effort. A blank canvas has been installed in my brain.