meganmay     Sat, May 12, 2007  Permanent link
HOLY JEEZ that kid is more evolved than some of the college aged individuals i know. Sometimes i wonder if there's a technological equivilent that kids of the 21st century are tripping out on, and if there were, i think the closest it comes is VIDEO GAMES.

THIS is what a 12 year old from the year 1984 (named Jarish) said in an interview about video games:
By comparison, pinball “is fun but it belongs to the real world
. . . it’s always the same.” Jarish describes his favorite video
games as “crazy and weird,” not of the real world.

[from Sherrie Turkles Video Games and Computer Holding Power]

BUT in the end, i don't think there's anything quite like the LSD. i bet if Jarish were were dosed he would see the world as one giant video game and love it.
scarlethue     Mon, Jun 11, 2007  Permanent link
and in contrast... cocaine has become so prolific that it is considered by many as "the new weed," more socially acceptable in new york than smoking.

ny times article
meganmay     Sun, Jul 1, 2007  Permanent link
as it turns out, someone had a bad trip after ODing on Grand Theft Auto