aaron kinney     Mon, Nov 5, 2007  Permanent link
One the most beautiful Goddamn cities in the world when shot from the air. Still takes my breath away.
folkert     Wed, Nov 7, 2007  Permanent link
I know, it's insane. Check here for some good ones.

aaron kinney     Wed, Nov 7, 2007  Permanent link
Now youve done it, Folkert! The link you gave has sent me on a downloading and wallpapering spree ;)
kelso007     Wed, Dec 12, 2007  Permanent link
I can't wait til I see it for myself next year ... it's amazing how much land mass we added.
thinkingmaking     Fri, Jan 9, 2009  Permanent link
This is quite amazing, to see such vast development and extension of the land itself around Mannhattan and surrounding. Nice find, Folkert.
agnes     Wed, Oct 14, 2009  Permanent link
Was just going over the book "Mannahatta" the other day... Love it.